Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spring Fever

Tunnel Mountain - Thursday, April 9th

Was this picture only taken last Thursday? Let's fast forward 8 short days. Here's a video clip from Saturday's run:

Tunnel Mountain - Saturday, April 17th AM

It's been glorious, sunny and downright hot for the past 4 days - and I've been reveling in every moment. On Wednesday evening, I bust out the short sleeves and went for a run on a muddy trail. On Thursday, I dusted off the road bike and put on the cycling shorts, a jersey and arm warmers for the first inaugural bike ride
. On Friday, I found myself lunching outside in a tank top having a picnic. On Saturday, I put on the running skirt and sleeveless jersey and drained my 2L Camelback bladder in world record time.

Saturday's long run was all about playing in the woods with some friends just for pure F-U-N. Hugh, Monica, Katherine and Martin came to town to join me for 5 hours of good times, on Banff trails. It was the Ultimate Banff Tour with the bonus of getting lost and a river crossing! Really, what could be better than that? Hugh's photos here.

A Very Happy Man

My goal was to be out on my feet for 7 hours - so I bid farewell to the friends, refilled my water and kept going. I wanted to get some elevation and practice my "power-walking" so I marched myself uphill and tagged the top of Sulphur for another 1.5 hours. Phew. Sulphur is still snow bound, top to bottom. It was hard going - with the hot weather, the snow on Sulphur had turned into heavy, deep slush. My reward for all of the hard work, was a ridiculously fun, slippery, slidy, slightly out of control, reckless, kick-ass descent. 7.5 hours later, I rolled into home giddy, muddly, tired and hungry. As a bonus to an already great day, our friend Deb was in for a visit. Keith and Deb were equally giddy from a great day spent on the slopes.

Tunnel Mountain - Saturday, April 17th PM

It was such a beautiful evening, that we decided to go for an evening walk up Tunnel Mountain. I think the "bonus walk" was actually good for my legs - a nice way to wind down the day and stretch out my tired ass. We went to bed early and slept real good.

On Sunday, Deb and I headed to Cascade Ponds and ran a loop to Johnson Lake. It was my first time out here this season. Only a week ago these trails were ice bound and the lake was still frozen. This week, the trails were dry and the ice had disappeared! It was a wicked fun, twisty turny dance through the woods. I love this trail - it was dry and there were crocuses out on the South facing slopes. I haven't been here in months and I'd forgotten just how pretty Johnson Lake is in spring:

Deb and Cascade Falls

What is Spring, without The Swing?

Needless to say, after a weekend like this I got the fever. Spring Fever. I'm thinking the 20c in April makes up for the -20C we had in October. I'm going to enjoy it while it's here.

Check out this post from the same date, April 18, 2008.

So, keep your sunny side up, up!

Keep your sunny side up, up!
Hide the side that gets blue.
If you have nine sons in a row,
Baseball teams make money, you know!
Keep your funny side up, up!
Let your laughter come thru, do!
Stand upon your legs, be like two fried eggs,
Keep your sunny side up!


Danni said...

Wowza! Looks like an action packed weekend!

Paige said...

Gorgeous! I can't believe you live there, it's so pretty! Sounds like a fabulous weekend :)

HappyTrails said...

Wonderful! Gorgeous! Fun! Welcome warm weather and dry trails!

Mary said...

Hey,is that a running skirt? How do you like it as compared to shorts?

Anonymous said...

and again great pics leslie....
I'm glad you guys have some great weather too. Dad and I spend all of saturday with the kajak on the river :) Its defn. spring time over here..... :)

Backofpack said...

Lovely, lovely Banff...

All is well here, just busy, busy, busy with new jobs, training and life. Eric hardly ever blogs, and I am only a tiny bit better. But we are here and happy!

Meghan said...

Are those Canadian bare arms and leggies I see? In April? Good griefs, isn't that illegal in several Canadian provinces!?

Yeah for happy weathers! I want to come visit!!!!!

Jo Lynn said...

Very nice! I am jealous of the 5-hour run. I do miss doing those. Beautiful pictures. ;)

Stuart said...

Holy smokes that some quick Spring melt! You gonna be water skiing in the Valleys soon!

Leslie said...

Hi Danni! Congrats on your 50.

Yo Paige, hello sweet young thing, wishing you longer runs in the future!
Things are looking up, yes?

Hi Steve and K, the weather's premature, it's going to end soon, but I'm sure enjoying it!

Hi Mary, Yup. Love the skirt. In summer I'll back cycling leg warmers to go with just in case. Running shorts are still easy breezy, but it doesn't get that hot here that I need short-shorts!

Hello Ms. Anna. Hope all is well in Deutchland and yay for spring!

Hey Michelle! I suspect you guys are busier than ever. Good to hear all is well!

There's Meghan! I can't come visit in June but I'm sending you the next best thing....Keith! I'm really wandering how to squeeze a Yosemite visit into my schedule this year, sigh! Only naked arms and legs today.....sorry, no bummies!

Hi Jo-Lynn, I'd hop on a plane and come run around on your green trails in a heart beat! The long runs will always be steps and you'll be going longer and longer before you know it...

Hellllllo, Stuart. You are my token boy commenter this week! It's crazy warm for April - but the ski hill will still be open until 3rd week of May. It'll be a long time before I can get to those high alpine trails, but there's new stuff drying out in the valley daily! I'm STOKED!

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