Monday, December 23, 2013


Our fall holiday this year was quite possibly the Best. Holiday. Ever.

How does one begin to describe and share the Awesomeness of being able to roam and wander and eat and hike and camp and stop and relax and drive and run through so many vast beautiful places?  

I'm going to go with one word:  Freedom.

There's just something magical about a road trip adventure with no fixed agenda, schedule or itinerary. 

Let me say it again:  FREEDOM!

This latest Keith and Leslie adventure has set a new benchmark of holiday bliss.  With our new wheels, we're entering a whole new era of freedom to roam.  With the ability to camp wherever and whenever we want, we were Happy Campers out there. 

 Mount Whitney in the distance:  magical camping in the Alabama Hills

 Glen Canyon Viewpoint:  Let's Camp Here.

 Bike race in the shadows of Gooseberry Mesa and Zion National Park?  Yes, Please.

Summit Mount Whitney?  Why, not.

 Read a dozen books?  Check.

 Hiking in the Sierras:  Mono Pass Trail

The Grand Canyon.  Heck, yeah!

 Anniversary beers at Thelma and Louise Viewpoint

 Adventures on the Burr Trail:  Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument

 Monument Valley's Little Cousin:  Valley of the Gods

Best. Campsite. Ever.

The Streak Give-eth!

This December, I have run every day in my beautiful backyard.  The Streak, was used as a simple motivational tool for me to get outside every day and get some exercise.  Everyday, I went for my run and took a few photos and posted them on Facebook.  Well.

It's been so much more than that!

The Streak reminded me of the importance of a few things in my world.

Banff is Beautiful.  How lucky am I to be living and running in this place?

Nature Rules:  I saw cougar prints, an owl, herds of elk, ravens, coyote prints, moose prints and shy deer. One day, a chickadee landed on my hand.  I ran through wind, blizzards, snow, cold and sunshine.  It was Awesome.

Everyday, nature changes.  The same places look different throughout different times of the day.

Winter is incredibly beautiful.

Getting outside is even more important in winter.  Just go. Don't wait for the weather. 

I really love to run.  Consistency is crucial to your success with anything you do.  Consistency is key to my running. 

I'm stronger than I thought.

Ice is beautiful.

It's important for me to connect with Mother Nature on a daily basis.

I really like to stop and enjoy the view.  A lot.

I'm definitely solar-powered.  I never, ever want to miss getting outside on a clear, sunny day.

You can have an entire conversation with a raven.  If you're lucky, they will talk back.

I love having the Sulphur Mountain Trail out my backdoor!  This trail rocks in winter.

Getting outside makes you feel happy and healthy.

I need both solitude and sociability.  Because I tend to prefer solitude, interaction with like-minded folks is crucial and fun!

Monday, December 2, 2013

The Streak: Motivation Move Your Ass

Enter the Dark Months. The reality of December in Banff is less daylight and shorter days.

Enter the Streak. I am going to move my ass every day in the month of December. In particular, I am going to Run.

Enter Strides Running Store in Calgary. For Motivation. I love the idea - commit to a Mile a Day. Everyday. In December. You can join their Facebook Group if you need a little inspiration this month!

See:  3rd Annual Strides Run Streak

Feel free to be liberal with this.  Don't run?  Get out of the house and walk.  Every. Day.  Enjoy Yoga?  Go Yoga your Ass off, honey.  Why not start now instead of the January 1st?

Run #1 in Beautiful Banff:

The Hoodoos Trail

Run #2 in Beautiful Banff:

Fenland Trail

Now, go move your Ass!!