Monday, October 26, 2009


I'll admit it. I was lost without the running. Completely, utterly and totally without direction. Scattered. Oh wait, that's normal....I'm sorry, what did you say?

Trail running makes me joyful! It takes me outside and closer to nature. It gives me purpose and health and
clarity, which are good things to have. It's simple, uncomplicated, fluid and beautiful. Truth be known, I think I actually enjoy the trails more than I like the running. Time, speed and distance don't matter much to me, but scenery? Heck yeah, I'll run for that. And I hope to be doing it for a long time.

Me and a sparkling Lake Minnewanka

This weekend, I had a couple of great runs. I've been cautious with the running and easing myself into it gently this past week. On Friday, I ran for a couple of hours and finally tried out my climbing and descending legs on Tunnel Mountain. While my trail dexterity is gone, my legs were just fine. My post race aches and pains have come full circle. I feel good again. The best thing about Fridays run was just spending time outside. I surprised a big, healthy coyote and got a up and close look. I saw an enormous herd of elk across the river. I took a little side trip up a dry creek bed to look for animal tracks and in 5 minutes I had found prints of bear, elk, deer and wolf. Cool. That's what I missed.

On Sunday, I was so excited to be going for a long run! I organized a key-exchange run with my Trailtrash friends from Calgary. We both started at opposite ends of the trail and met in the middle, swapped keys and hugs and kept running. It was an awesome 35km point to point run along the shoreline of Lake Minnewanka trail, past the Ghost Lakes and clear out of the mountains into the Ghost/Waiperous area of the foothills. Magic. We awoke to a clear, beautiful, sunny day and I couldn't believe our good fortune. New friends Patrick and Andrew joined Mike and I for a great day on the trail.

It was a fun, social day. Speaking of fun and social, I also had the pleasure of meeting Sara and Derrick this weekend. Last year, I found Derrick online through Bryon's IRunFar Blog and he gave me some of his Coaching wisdom. The man knows his running! Derrick is a speedy-speedster who ran his most recent 100 Miler in (gasp!) 17:52. Stud. Sara and Derrick are also lovers of all things wintery, including their sled dogs, snowshoeing and the Rock and Ice Ultra.

After such a great weekend, what can I say? I was lost, but now I am found. Hallelujah. Praise the Run.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Lately, I've spent some quality time on my butt in this place:

I've gone through 4 novels, a lot of Girl Guide Cookies and been to the movies a few times. I road my bike on the trainer once, because my husband made me. All and all, it was awesome and my body appreciated the time off. The weather has been crap as well so my timing could not have been better. Snow, grey-ish, cold and rainy has been common, so I was happy to sit in my happy place and relax.
But here's the good news! After 18 days on my butt, I laced up the shoes and went for a run. It was time. I missed the trails. I went for 30 minutes on Friday to work out the cobwebs, went for 45 minutes on Saturday and felt great and then went for an hour and a half on Sunday. Oh yeah. I'm ruuuuuuuuuning!
The scenery hasn't changed. It's still real pretty in my backyard, but somehow I missed fall and winter is coming quick! Mike joined me on Sunday and we cruised the Spray River Trail.
I've also enjoyed the company of this guy in the backyard the past couple of mornings. He's been fun to have around until he found the leaves of our new mountain ash, so Keith has now declared him the enemy. They had a stare down this morning and Keith took his picture. Good thing we have a fence.

"I Want Some Girl Guide Cookies NOOOOOW!!"

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Rest and Relaxation

What have I been doing since running 100 miles? Well I took a few days off for starters. Actually, quite a few.

16 Days.



It's been awesome. This lazy girl never has never been one of those runners who has problem taking time off, when it's needed. And it was needed. Fortunately, the weather has cooperated and it's been ideal weather for chill-axin'. That's like relaxing, but different.

The top photo was taken on Friday morning in front of our house. We got in our car and got the heck out of Banff and headed for the Kootenays for the Thanksgiving weekend.

3 hours later we were sitting at The Modern in Revelstoke on a sunny blue sky fall day drinking coffee.

4 hours later we were on the ferry crossing Arrow Lakes.

8 hours later we were having dinner with friends Christy and Steven in their home in Nelson.

24 hours later we saw these Turkeys, one day before Thanksgiving. Keith and I stopped the car and shouted at them: "Run for your lives! Don't you know what day of the year it is!?!"

We left Nelson early and took the scenic route to Creston, taking the Balfour ferry and driving the shoreline of Kootenay Lake. We stopped for a stroll on the way and it was frosty and there was fresh snow on the peaks. An early frost for this corner of the world.

26 hours later we were sitting in my parents house having a tasty lunch!

It was such a beautiful weekend. It was great to see the folks and continue the resting and relaxing. And eating. There's been a lot of that. In fact, Thanksgiving was a 3 day eating bender! I think I'm done though. Enough relaxing. This girl needs to run! :)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ode to America

Aaaah. America. I love you.

Your glorious Interstates, with manicured Rest Stops and Vista Points, your road side diners with Bacon and Eggs and bottomless coffee. Your giant grocery stores where you can buy duct tape, champagne glasses, pharmaceuticals, t-shirts and beer. Where wine is always "on sale". Your Sizzler Restaurants with the All-U-Can-Eat Salad Bar thrill me. Baby corn, baked potatoes, soft shell tacos, pasta, with fresh fruit and veg and pickled things: artichokes, asparagus, mushrooms and olives! And tasty-freeze dessert. Yes, please with a brownie and sprinkles. All for $8.99! I love you.

Having recently enjoyed 2 great American road trips, I was fascinated by all things American. I love your signs, your billboards and your advertising. I even compiled a list of the signage that I saw along the way. It was non-stop entertainment as we drove and drove and drove along the Interstate through Montana, Idaho, Utah and Colorado and just took it all in. America is a wonderland! Here's the list:

-The Mountains Shall Bring Peace to the People
-Indian Outlaw Racing
-Real Estate, Real Escape!
-Honk if U Fish
-Your Mom uses Billboards
-Jesus is Lord of This Valley
-Pick Cherries and Come Meet Tiny the Talking Bird
-Bound by Sin? Jesus Brings Freedom!
-Gun Show. Every Type of Ammo!
-Massive Melons, Sweet and Tasty
-Domo Arigoto. Robotic Surgery Now Available
-We Suck.....Fat! Liposuction and Laser Lip Treatments
-Gun-Home-Business: The Safe Outlet
-Large Chunks of Watermelon
-Kum and Go
-Freedom is Yours!
-Many varieties of Tarantulas Available Now
-Eureka! Find Gold Now.
Thank-you America. I love your green spaces, your high places, your people and your spirit! So, Honk if U Fish and God Bless America. I love you.