Wednesday, February 27, 2013

In the Present

Lately, I've found myself ranting to Keith about how to make future adventures and travels sustainable.  How does one continue to finance future trips, travels and adventures?  What can we do to make these dreams come true in the future?  It's so easy to get distracted with planning for the future and dreaming and scheming of future adventures.  In the meantime, I have to frequently remind myself to enjoy the present.  I've never had a problem enjoying the present, but I do seem to be much more distracted than usual since returning from my trip. You learn this skill out on the trail:  how to be present in the moment.  But, we return back to civilization and forget so quickly.  Life is busy and confusing and distracting.

It's an important thing, the ability to focus on the now and this being present thing-a-ma-jiggy.  It directly affects your level of happiness and satisfaction with life. Even the eternally optimistic Leslie's of the world need an occasional kick in the pants to stay motivated and stay present.  It's so easy to day dream.

So, look around you!  While dreams are always important, so is this living in the present stuff.

It just took a quick look at some of my photos since Jan. 1st, to remind myself of that.

 Family Day Weekend:  Tunnel Mountain in fresh snow!

 Rundle Viewpoint

Another awesome ski on Observation - Bow Summit

 Ptarmigan Glacier and Skoki Lakes with Sarah and Mette

 Leading the charge on Valentine's Day

 Climbing Twin Cairns

 Keith on top of Twin Cairns


 Keith and Leslie tracks

Keith and the Monarch Ramparts

 Running my Backyard Loop

 Tunnel Mountain Cliffs on the Backyard Loop

 The Backyard Loop:  Favorite view of the Bow River

 Lazy day at Lake Louise

 The Monarch

Hail the Monarch!