Thursday, March 20, 2008



We once had a mountain biker named Richie Schley come and stay with us a couple of summers back. Nice guy, lived in Whistler was a pro mountain biker and ex-pro skiier. Waaaaaay cooler than me, but made me feel cooler than I am. Richie introduced us to some slang that he used to describe bears. In his corner of the world, there were B-Bears. Black Bears. Lots of them. He saw enough of them around that he had lost his fear of them. But he had never seen a G-Bear. A Grizzly Bear. He was scared of the G-Bear, but not the B-Bear. Curious. Anyhow, the lingo stuck and Keith and I now refer to our resident wildlife as B-Bears and G-bears. It makes them sound so cute and cuddly. For example: "Awwwwwww.....who's a cute little G-Bear?!??"

So today at work we found out that the first bear out of hibernation had been spotted, a massive healthy G-Bear. There was even a photo of him in the snow looking all gorgeous. I love living in a place where you get to see B-Bears and G-Bears. They really are awesome, as-in, awe inspiring. So, welcome back G-Bears and B-Bears...may you continue to thrive and be wild and magnificent!!


CoyoteGirl said...

Oh my, that's a big bear. I just have mountain lions down here. In my little part of the woods we don't have bear, but there have been rumors that they, the B-bears are coming back.

Leslie said...

Yep-that a G-Bear. She was eating some good stuff on the side of the highway. She's fat and healthy!

Dave - Atlanta Trails said...

How do you protect yourself against bears while out on long, lonely trail runs? We have some down here, but I have never seen one. They are few and far between.

Leslie said...

I slather myself in bacon grease and roll around in honey.....
No, I roll around in honey and then cover myself in corn flakes.


Really? Without giving a lecture, there are always a few things I consistantly do every time I go for a run around here. I do the same thing if I am 10 minutes from the house in the bush or 3 hours into the backcountry.

I make noise on the trail.
I carry bear spray in case I do have a close encounter.
I try and run in a group.

Given that running with friends is not always possible, I will do the first two things and STILL go out. *Check out my post on risk.* I just try and relax enough to enjoy my run, make a LOT of noise and keep on truckin'

OH - and my mom always told me to tell people where I am going and when I will be back!!

Thanks for the question Dave!