Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Running Week in Photos

Lake Minnewanka - C-level Viewpoint


Mount Inglismaldie

Riding the coal train - Lower Bankhead

Swingin' - Johnson Lake

Johnson Lake

Sulphur Ridge line: as seen from Mount Rundle

Asphalt sucks. It was short.

Mount Rundle

Tail end of 7 hours

Angela cruisin' Lake Minnewanka

Nikki and Monica

Single track


Spring Break-Up!

Buh-bye Ice


It's Cold.

Quad Soak.


Happy Nikki!

Nikki, Monica, Mike - 20k in the middle of nowhere

Nikki, Monica and Me

Dry Creek

Over There!!

River Run - Bow and Cascade

Five Finger Fun

Home Sweet Home :)


Stuart said...

Home sweet home indeed!

Dan said...

You run in some amazing places.

Gretchen said...

Awesome!!! Based on clothing choices, looks like summer up there!

Danni said...

Wow it's more melted up there than here I think! Is that possible?

NJ said...

Absolutely stunning! Amazing pics! I now have another vacation destination...LOVE mountains!

Meghan said...

Pretty AND summer!

Kaz said...

Looks fun!!!! Fantastic ice bath! Brrrr!

Deanna Stoppler said...

Why do you torture me in this way?

Leslie said...

Hi everyone - Dan, you sure are right. I do run in some amazing places! Generally, my photos get better and better as the summer progresses,,,stay tuned!

Hi Gretchen, Danni, Meghan - yup, it's HERE. The change of season! And it's changing daily/weekly. Most of these runs are at lower elevations, but I've had a few good surprises out there. Every run is an experiment this time of year! I reckon we are at least 3 weeks ahead of schedule this year for the departure of the snow...WOOOOHOOO!

Welcome, NJ! People come from all over the world to my town and it's no surprise why. It's absolutely stunning.

Hi pregnant Kaz. I'll go for a run for you today!

HA, D. Let's put this in perspective: the leaves are just starting to pop this week. How's that for a spring reality! Our leaves only come out now! But I am looking forward to a time when you come to join us for some summer or winter adventures.

Anonymous said...

oh seeing those pictures - i CAN'T wait to come over :) Less than 3 weeks........might even make it to banff before I start working in Vancouver :)
enjoy the long weekend :)

JeffO said...

Drool-photos! Beautiful!