Sunday, February 21, 2010

Solar Powered Weekend

It was a solar powered Weekend in Paradise. After a weekend like this weekend - I'm almost left with hangover type symptoms. A little "come-down" after being so frickin' awe inspired by Mother Nature. These are places I keep returning to, time and time again and still continue to be blown away. I love you Banff National Park! Thanks for inspiring me to get out the door and explore your wild and wonderful places. And thanks for allowing me to share you, with like-minded friends who appreciate you, just like I do.

Keith - getting his run on, Deception Pass, Skoki Area

Ptarmigan Lake

After my epic Friday, I didn't think it could get much better. But on Saturday, we enjoyed a perfect blue sky day and a awesome run in to Skoki with friends Mike and Phil. It was fun to share this place with them - we've run the trails together in summer, but the winter scenery really blew them away. It still blows me away. Especially, on a sunny blue sky day.

Mike, in his Happy Place.

Keith and Phil, cruising downward

Mike - High as a Kite

Cruising on the lake - Keith and Redoubt Mountain

Trail Trash

When we awoke to yet another perfect day, we happily dragged ourselves out of bed and headed out the door yet again. This time, our friend John joined us for a most awesome day at Sunshine Village. The plan was to go for a ski tour, ski up to Quartz Hill to enjoy the view, have some lunch and maybe make some turns.

Heading Out

John Gow, International Man of Mystery

Big Mountains, Little People

Yep, we made some turns.

The Scenery Was Pretty Good

....and fun was had by all.



Danni said...

Yay sun!!!

Bruce Grant said...

Either I have to stop reading your blog, Leslie, or you just might find yourself with a new neighbour. It sure is purty up there in those hills you got. And what's the white stuff again?

We had sunshine here on the coast too, but I had to content myself with wearing a t-shirt and shorts on my runs, taking in the flowers and leaf buds. I did get swarmed by some mosquitoes, though.

Leslie said...

Hi Danni-
I see you were solar powered this weekend too! :)

Hi Bruce!
Fortunately, the white stuff is mostly up high this year but yeah- you live a WORLD AWAY from Banff. I frequently take trips to the West Coast in March or April just to breath some of that West Coast Air, see green things and run around in my shorts. Here, we look forward to June. The reality of Banff is it's an amazing place to live, but it's a solid 7 months of winter. I will think of y'all on the West Coast and your cherry blossoms and plan an escape for April.

HappyTrails said...

We love you too, Banff National Park!!! Stunning photos, as always,
'cept it looks too cold!!! Is it almost mud season????!!! :-) Glad you had such a fun weekend!

Leslie said...

Hi Steve and Kathleen,
Mud season isn't until June...until then it's winter!! It's been a great winter, mild temperatures and no snow in town - but still lots of the white stuff at higher elevations as always. Kind of a dream winter and a fine winter to be a runner! Some winters are crazy challenging to be a runner, but this year - it's awesome.

Meghan said...

Yep, you had some sun. Yep, you made some turns. Yep, looks like a wonderful weekend.

Such is a weekend in the life of Leslie! ;)


Leslie said...

Si, senorita Meghan. Life is good.