Friday, February 19, 2010

60% Chance of Flurries

Yep, that was what the forecast said. 60% Chance of Flurries.

Have you every had one of those days that's just a gift? Golden?

Today was one of those days. It started last night really: I resigned myself to a good night's sleep, to have a sleep in with my hubby and a wake-up whenever. I didn't make any plans with the dreary forecast. I woke up at 9:00 and looked out the window to reveal a Bluebird clear sunny day. Sat in the sunbeam in our kitchen, soaked it up, had a coffee and enjoyed the perfect start to the day.

But, I needed to get out and enjoy that sunshine. I needed a run in a pretty place. In the sun. On a trail.

You had me at Hello, Lake Minnewanka

My runs have been feeling a lot like work lately, so it was great to have a run that felt inspired. Naturally, I was completely solar powered and caffeinated, but the combined effect was rather stellar. I was high as a kite and running like a speed demon. The trail was in great shape for February - even dry in a few places, but mostly a mix of ice, firm snow and dirt. My plan was to run 8km out to the Campground and run back on the lake.

Lake Minnewanka was noisy today - probably because of the sun. It was solar powered as well! It was cracking, groaning and moaning and the abrupt noises made me jump out of my skin a few times. There's a wee video of the view from the middle of the lake at the bottom of this post.

I returned home, did the Presto-Chango and Keith was all ready to go. He had to work in the AM, so we decided to go for a late day ski tour in the PM. A quick 20 minute drive, a 10 minute Gondola ride and a 5 minute chairlift and we were skinning our way into Paradise. It was so frickin' gorgeous up there today!

Mount Assiniboine in the distance

Keith overlooking The Ramparts and Lake Eohippus

*Solar Powered*

Rock - Garden

Yep, 60% Chance of Flurries.

As well as being a good day, it was a helluva' week! Last weekend we had the pleasure of a visit from Danni. We had her all to ourselves for the weekend and fun was had. Danni's good people. We dragged her out for 2 days of ski touring and it was cool to see how much she has progressed. Last year, the girl couldn't ski and this year? Yeah! Pizza's and french fries! She really did awesome.

Danni entertaining the troops


Brenda and Danni

Rad, Skiier Girls

C'est Le Fun!

Now, get out there and enjoy your weekend! Even if there's 60% Chance of Flurries.....


Ewa said...

All I can say.

Alexandra said...

Beautiful photos! I'm off to snowshoe in Banff today and the forecast is a chance of flurries! Maybe our luck will be the same as yours!

Stina said...

Love those bluebird days! Always amazing photos - thanks for sharing! I need to get out for a run now :-)

Danni said...

I sure love you!!! ANd the sun.

Jo Lynn said...

Awesome! ;)

Anonymous said...

Wishing I had spent the day outdoors also....but stuck indoors curling today! Sadly losing the A final by one poimt too! :( But, never the less, a wonderful weekend with awesome weather! It's great to be treated to sun-filled days in February to do all sorts of outdoor stuff! Love the pictures!


Leslie said...

Hi Ewa, Stina, Jo Lynn! Wishing you some runs in Paradise....

Hey Alex, hope you enjoyed some fresh air in a pretty place.

Danni - right back at ya! Thanks again for the fun weekend, you can come visit any time!

Howdy Carolyn, Hope all is well in your corner of Alberta! Curling is SO Canadian. Those Curler Gals at the Olympics are going to do good things....
You heard it here first.

Anonymous said...

What a great resource!