Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Keith and Leslie 10th Anniversary Tour - Greetings from San Francisco!!

Hiya! And a big howdy from San Francisco! The Keith and Leslie holiday has been a whole lot of fun so far. What started as the K & L 10th Anniversary Running Tour, quickly turned into the great Burrito tour and then has evolved into the Fish Taco tour. Incidently, while rice and beans and burritos make for a great pre-run dinner, they make you smellier than usual to run with. Just ask Meghan! But I digress. The holiday has been so much fun and so far we have enjoyed quality time with Meghan, burritos in Mariposa, fantastic trail runs and outrageously gorgeous scenery in Yosemite. But today, I ate 6 fish tacos while in the Marina area of San Francisco. And really I ask you, does a holiday get any better than that?!? What can I say? I am food motivated.

In a nutshell, in our 6 days we have enjoyed 5 great runs and 1 bike ride. Yosemite is as magical as I expected, my friend Meghan is as delightful and entertaining and my husband is proving himself to be a running stud. But I think I may have broken him yesterday. I sure hope not! Today was our first and only "urban" day and we had a day of "urban hiking" fueled by fish tacos. Keith took a day off of running and I enjoyed a solo run along the ocean near Fort Mason. The weather has been sweet, the air feels like liquid gold on my dry mountain lungs and the 10th Anniversary running vacation has been good times, good times and good times.

Here are some photos to tease you with, enjoy the change of scenery!!

Love from Leslie and Keith


garobbins said...

Ummm, fish tacos! Great pics, as always...nice butt, I can't believe you saw a bobcat, and damn running past those huge redwoods looks magical!!


Dave - Atlanta Trails said...

Glad you're enjoying my new home!

Maybe I'll see you on Saturday. I'm only running the 20k though...

Backofpack said...

Bobcat? You saw a bobcat just trotting along?

Looks like great times. Wish we were there. Happy, happy anniversary!

Danni said...

Sounds like a perfect trip -- I love fish tacos! And Yosimite looks beautiful. What a great way to celebrate!

Oh and nice ass!

Journey to a Centum said...

Hey Leslie... I thought you worked in tourism yet that one photo clearly shows that you are in the plumbing trade?

Yeah I know, anything having to do with butty butts is funny!

Great trip, great friends, great photos (bobcat and your pose simulating the shadow cast by the rock in the distance where my favorites). What could be better?

Oh, I suppose going home and finding yourself in Banff might be better.

JeffO said...

Those photos look so fun! Good for all of you!

T Z said...

Whew, after getting through your post, I feel like I've been on vacation!

Leslie said...

Hey GR!
I can't believe I saw a Bobcat either, it was cool. Them Sequoia's are huge!! The pine cones they drop are waaaay bigger than my husbands....ummm...Redwood.

Hiya Dave!
So good to meet you. What a great day we got to enjoy! Crazy warm temperatures, outrageous scenery and good company on race day. Oh yeah, it was a good way to enjoy an anniversary!!

Yup, the kitty cat was just trotting along. He looked to be a fat cat. I'm guessing he was a good mouser. Thanks for the inspiration for the anniversary tour!

Yo Danni,
Did you know my husband is still talking about that "ghosts can't whistle-thingy??" Yosemite is a sweeeet national park, we loooved it and Megs was a great tour guide.

Hi Eric!
Do I detect a slight hint of jealousy?!? Gotta post holiday hot tub is beckoning and my butty-butt needs some recovery time after that whirlwind of a holiday....

Hi Jeffo,
Yup, we got to borrow Meghan for a couple of days between work to show us around. Fun was had!

Welcome and thanks for the anniversary well wishes! Ours was technically November 7th which we spent eating tacos with Meghan, so we decided to celebrate with a race and make it Anniversary Week, instead!!



rumon said...

leslie (and keith): just/finally getting caught up on a few things and had the chance to wander over to your blog. wonderful to see you two having such a great time! love the pics - you two are adorable, to say nothing of the scenery. if you two ever head west, don't hesitate to drop us a line. plans for next year are developing and it looks like aviva and i will be heading over to europe to do TransAlpine - TRR just tasted too damn good not to go back for more!

saschasdad said...

The ass! Finally, I get to see the infamous ass that was basically THE topic of conversation at TR. I'm a little emotional now...