Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Charter Members

After checking out Meghans' latest blog entry and laughing very hard, Keith and I have decided to become the Charter Members of the Meghan Fan Club. Please join the Meghan Fan Club now to celebrate all that is Meghan!

Prrrrrrrr. Nice kitten!

Join Now and Get Some Free Mittens!

Join Now and Receive a "Pig Tail" Wig!
Join Now and Receive Free Nights at Camp Sea Foam!
(limited time only)
Join Now and Half Dome is Yours!!


Journey to a Centum said...

Can we exchange the mittens for some Half Dome arm warmers?

It's not a deal killer if you can't cause I'm already a fan.

I see the job of Fan Club President has already been outsourced to Canada. Are all your NAFTA papers in order missy?

Backofpack said...

I'm a fan too! I'd love mittens, no matter what that centum guy says. He's full of it!

Bryon Powell said...

Awwwww geeeez. Is it too late to sign up already?

Leslie said...

Sign up, NOW! NOW!! NOW!!!

JeffO said...

I'm joining! Now gimme some pig-tails, gurl!
Wait - I want an exchange too! I'd rather have a video of Leslie, Keith, and Meghan hamming it up on the trails!

Danni said...

MEMEMEMEMME!!! How much can I pay you for this privilege? Meghan rocks.

Sarah Ridgway said...

just became a fan - love the mittens but those skirts are something else - what are they like to run in ??? - not seen the likes of them over here in the UK!!!

well done on your anniversary race - and your anniversary !!!

Unknown said...

It was awesome to run with you guys. I am glad I got bottlenecked at the beginning and ran into you guys--things happen for a reason. Remember, when you guys gave a simple hello and talking story, it went a long way because the whole 50 kilometers would have hurt x 1000. 4 weeks after IM, it felt like I was trying to learn how to ride a bike again.

Leslie's Keith said...

As one of the two 'Charter Members', I just want to officially welcome you to the club. Although there are no required stipulations or weekly meetings to confirm and maintain your meberships, any suggestions for shared occasions to 'celebrate our love for Meghan' in person will be welcome! For these gatherings, please rmember your pigtail wigs and mittens!

Love ya Meghan!


Paul Charteris said...

Sure, I'll join. I have t met Meghan (yet) On the obviously strong recommendations of Leslie and Danni, I'd be foollish not to join.

I am not part of NAFTA - does this mean my membership fee is higher?

Cheers, Paul

Paul Charteris said...

Forgot to add - Happy Anniversary Leslie and Keith!

What a grand way to spend it in the Marin headlands.

See you next year sometime.

- PC

Leslie said...

WOW! Just look at all the fans and new editions to the fan club! It looks like Eric & Michelle, Goat, Jeffo, Keith and Danni are hardcore fans with Sarah and Paul taking our word for it....trust us, she's a keeper!

Hey Sarah! Whaaaaat? You have yet to discover the running skirt?? I LOVE the skirt!! I've worked my way through Sugoi, Brooks, SkirtSports, RunningSkirts and my last two Champions were purchased at Target for $20 each! Super comfy, make your butt look great and just 100% fun. The RunningSkirts.com skirt, is the lightest and airiest and feels like I'm running naked! Yeeeeeah! Easy-breezy!

Hi Neil!
I'm glad you found us! Thanks for a fun day at Stinson last week! No doubt you were still feeling a little beat up 4 weeks post Ironman. Yes, that Keith can chat for hours and hours and hours...in a good way! Keep in touch, 'cause when you move to Winnipeg, you are going to need an escape sooner or later....

Hi Paul!
Good to here from you! We'll wave the membership fees if you send us a plane ticket to NZ for that Ultra your organising!! What's going on in summer time in NZ?? We are just easy into winter....
Thanks for the well wishes and heck, yeah...the Headlands are great. So is Yosemite for that matter!
Hope all is well with you.


Unknown said...

Keith has the makings of a 100 mi + ultrarunner if he can talk of random things like that. I had fun running with you guys. I think I will get into ultrarunning next year and I heard snowshoeing is a pretty popular sport up North.

Meghan said...

Oh how nice you are Leslie and Keith! Thanks for the lovely blog post! And, wow, thanks for being in my fan club, y'all. I'm all blushing over here in Yosemite! ;)


saschasdad said...

Oo, oo, me, me, me...I really want those mittens!

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