Tuesday, September 2, 2008

TransRockies 2008 - Fun at Summer Camp

Well. I've just returned home from my epic roadtrip/adventure across Montana, Wyoming and Colorado. The Journey and Return to and from the TransRockies Run was almost as epic as the run itself!! As you can imagine, sitting here in my sunbeam in Banff - I have a little running/roadtrip hangover.

In a nutshell - this was such a fun adventure!!

The race itself was fantastic, my partner was the most bestest of all-est, it was great to have Keith there as part of the experience, life at "summer running camp" was full of shits and giggles and I made some great new friends! Combine those things together and it really was the adventure of the year.

The TransRockies Run rocks! Thanks to all for making it such a fun week.

But you are going to have to hear all about it later, because this girl is off to work with her running hangover!



Leslie's Keith said...

I just need to be the first to comment...

Leslie and Meghan...you two were the best companions one could ask for on a road trip! Bryon, Sean, Matt, and all the rest of you trail runners are way too much fun to hang with for a week at 'summer camp'...and the Trans Rockies Run will inspire me to become one of you (Maybe not as fast...but one of you..)

See you all up in Banff for a Trail Run sometime...


Meghan said...


I know you know what the cure for a running hangover is... more running in beautiful mountains. ;) I hope you're feeling ready to get out there a bit soon.

You and your hubby Keith are two amazingly special people, and I am thrilled to have been a part of this whole experience with the two of you.

Enough of this goobery crap, though, I want to hear about the shits and the giggles of running camp!


Journey to a Centum said...

Yeah, I saw you busting out your best square dance moves on one of the videos! That Canadian girl is trouble! Disrupting everyones focus at the start!

Looking forward to the details! Congratulations on completing the run and not dumping your running partner like some teams ended up doing.


Bryon Powell said...

Excuse me, can you please pass the butter?

Meghan said...


I'm sorry but for some reason there's been a shortage of butter in North America lately. Oh yeah, it's because YOU ATE IT ALL!

Hugs to you too,

Leslie said...

You are the best support crew, ever!

There's a lotta' love!
Goobery?! You said "goobery?!"....

Hiya Eric! Thanks for all of the well wishes! She was a stud. I picked a good one.

Hola Senor Goat!
That's a big sombrero. Maybe you can use it as a butter storage unit.

Mike said...

Hey Leslie & Keith,

Welcome home to the snow & rain. Can't wait to hear all about your adventures. Might need a good 6 hour run to fit it all in though.


Bryon Powell said...

Sunshine girl,
I think a hat/butter storage unit may be THE perfect ultra accessory. The hat would cool your head, while your head slowly melts the butter. You'd then consume the butter via a gravity fed system. Of course, we know that fat (buter) is more calorie dense than sugar, so we won't have to carry around so much weight anymore to fulfill our caloric requirement during long races!

saschasdad said...

You're already fat, so just stop eating and that should solve any and all issues with butter, sombreros, etc.

Bryon Powell said...

Perhaps you are right Meissner, I'm already fat enough. In fact, I just skipped ice cream cake to cut back.

Leslie said...

Hiya Mike!
Can we run soon? This weekend?

I agree that the sombrero could be a great ultra accessory. Maybe just as a sun-hat and snack receptacle though. But on to more serious matters - you passed up on ice cream cake?? What tha'?? That's craaaaazy talk!

Geeeez. Pick on the fat guy. This coming from a guy who weighs 114 pounds! We are mailing you the sombrero/butter receptacle to fatten you up.