Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Part I - TransRockies Run - What's That?!?

HEY-HO, Let's GO!!

Last year, my TransRockies Run Report was done 6 months post-race and was destined to be a novella. This year, I thought I would get at it and hammer it out - sort of like the race itself. But first, I thought I would do a little somethin'-somethin' on the TransRockies Run itself and what it's all about. So here we go!

#1 - TransRockies Hint: It's a Team Race. Find yourself a faster-than-you kick-ass running babe who is Decorative yet Functional and Entertaining.

For those of you who have never heard of the TransRockies Run - get with the program! There is some fun stuff going on in the land of trail running and this event is leading the charge. This event is a 6 day stage race, run in the beautiful Colorado Rockies. It is a team race, which means you get to race every day, side by side, with a partner! How cool is that? I love the team concept. It adds a whole different dynamic to racing and it also adds a whole lot of fun! And hey - isn't it always better to run with a friend?

#2 - TransRockies hint: Fake It. If your partner is faster than you, just jump in out front and fake it. Especially on the uphill. It's amazing how many people will go your speed on the uphill especially if you are blocking the singletrack.

#3-TransRockies hint: Just Keep Running. And follow the girl in the pink shorts. Really.

The running and racing every day is only one element of TransRockies Run. As well as the racing, the TransRockies Run is a great mix of one part race, one part camp-life and one part show. Combine those three things together and you've got yourself a one-of-a-kind event and a helluva' lot of fun!!

#4 - TransRockies hint: Don't Take Yourself to Seriously.

The TransRockies Run t is a great event to go to if you want to challenge yourself running on the trails and then enjoy a little fun time hanging out with other running geeks post-race. That's the difference and the fun part! At most races you get your run in, you say Hi to your running friends and you get in your car and you go home. At TransRockies, you get lots of social time to relax, soak up the scenery and the great atmosphere and meet some new friends. Even if they are geeks. TransRockies really is like running camp for grown-ups! Except harder.

#5 - TransRockies Hint: Just Chill With the Geeks.

#6 - TransRockies Hint: Pack a Really Thick Sleeping Pad. And Earplugs.

Even though you are camping, you also get a little spoiled every day post race. Your tent is set up for you, there is massage available and hot showers!! As well, there was some great schwag being passed out to all of the runners daily. In the evening, we were treated to an awesome dinner and an evening presentation. The daily show features highlights of the day in the form of photos, a briefing on what's up for the next day and daily awards and schwag for the stage winners of each day. Seriously, this event is good value for the dollar. I was treated like gold and spoiled rotten for 6 days. The volunteers were fantastic and the organisation was the best I have ever experienced at any event. I had so much fun I might just sign myself up for next year! (registration opens on October 1st)

#7 - TransRockies Hint: Just Smile. Don't Stress. It's Only Running. You Can Do It.


saschasdad said...

Um, chill with the geeks? Uh, if you look closely, you'll notice I still had the full goatee still. It wasn't until the next day that I was a geek. Come on, get it right!

I'm looking forward to camp next year!

Leslie said...

Whoops. Sorry. I thought you were securely insecure with your insecurities. Geek. And it takes one to know one.

el moderno Prometeo said...

Hey Leslie! You really know how to enjoy!
Have a look to my blog
Best Regards,

CoyoteGirl said...

And again, I'm soooo jealous! That looks like so much fun. If only I could get my 3 and 4 year olds to run along with me we could have quite a team. Well, I could get them to run with me until nap time...then we'd all have to stop for snacks and zzzzz....

Olga said...

Oh, I wanna go to big kids camp too!!!

Leslie said...

Hi Javier! Salut El Moderno!
It's great to hear from you - that was such a fun weekend in Yoho and you were a big part of the fun!

Hi CG,
Ya know, we could do a Mommy Ultra complete with snacks, naps and breatfeeding....I know a few Yummy Mummies who would be all over that!!

Hiya Olga! Welcome!
As you know, ultra folks = good people. That is what made running camp so much fun!

I've heard you are a social animal. Damn, if you came to running camp you would definitely win the Ms.Congeniality award!! You would looooooove big girl running camp. How about next year??


gtach said...

hey leslie! thanks for stopping by my photo gallery...i didn't even think that you'd remember it or me. looks like you've had an amazing summer...running tons and taming wild creatures! definitely put cc100 on your list! like many other races these days, be sure to sign up quick.

Phil said...

Now that the smoke has settled...Great work to the both of you at TR08! I love the fact that when you decided to put the pedal to the metal, you rocked it with a sweet podium. Good job girls!

sw said...

WOW. LESLIE! Looks like you had a TON of fun!!

Anyways, you still have my Fugitive Pieces by Anne Michaels? My momma's coming to Banff and is dropping by the info centre either Saturday or Sunday. Could leave it there for her -- and tell the others?

sw said...

ps. the post-race bit appeals to me most :P I'm glad they spoiled you!

Backofpack said...

Cool beans! Now, us slow folk need details. How far each day? Can you be slower than molasses and still do it?

Stuart said...

Seriously tempting!

Reading this and hearing from my buds in Team Perky is peaking my interest!

Leslie said...

Hi GTach!
How could I forget your smiling face? Man, you take some beautiful photos. Thanks for stopping by! I need an exuse to return to your corner of the world...

Hi Phil!
Thanks for the props and for being part of a great week! Hope your TR hangover hasn't been too bad as we ease ourselves back into the "real" world of the Bow Valley...

Hi Sonya!
D-oh, I wasn't around this weekend. But no worries, I will get you the goods. I enjoyed it immensely. Hope your return to Van is going smooooooth. You would have loved the post race. Lots of skinny white boys sitting around in the creek....

Michelle and SLB,
Anyone can do this race - you could and you should!! My race report should be coming soon, but like the race it is of epic proportions! Photos to come as well, so stay tuned!!

About the Navigators said...

Hi Leslie,
Great blog, great pics!
Its Christine the TransRockies hack from Ontario. No wonder you where able to run past us like we were standing still, look at those big mountains you train on! It was great to meet you. Your happy, fun disposition is infectious but I still don't get how you can talk like that on the up hills? Boy did I have a TR hangover. I think I slept for one week solid when I got back to my 350ft of altitude. Say hi to Meghan and Keith for me.
Long may you run

Leslie said...

Hi Boots-
The act of chatting and running at elevation takes lots of practice, big lungs and a patient partner. Because I spend so much time running and training by my lonesome, when I get some friends to run with....watch out! You are going to get an earfull!

I was very excited for the two of you - you earned it! You were working hard EVERY day and pushing your limits! Good for you.