Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Trans Rockies Bike Race Rocks!

A quick post and some photos for Anna in Germany, who is missing her quality time at T.R this year....

If you ever want to get inspired, a Trans Rockies event is the place to find it.

I made a quick trip to the camp, where cyclists were finishing day 3 of this epic 7 day mountain bike race. No doubt about it, this race is one of the toughest mountain bike events in the world. Those who show up untrained, underprepared or lacking in bike handling skills, usually don't make it to the finish line. This is my gorgeous friend Janka of Jasper. Janka has no cartilage in one knee ie. bone on bone and has limited vision in one eye. She rocks. She was tired when I found her, but determined to get 'er done. Go Janka!



Tent City

More Apres-Bike: Live music and burgers and beer!!

Lyle, the owner of Nipika in his happy place

Sweeeet Rides


Anonymous said...

oh Les!!! how i missed this years TR!!!!
Thanks for posting the pictures....(i am still trying to get a hold of my boys....) i actually had a little tear coming out once i read the thing that you posted them for me!!!!!

All the best for the TR Run. I am sure you will do great!!!! :) :)

All the best from the other half of the world.....!!!
I already checked my schedule for the winter - and you have a visitor coming over for new years!!! :) :)!!!

And i won't miss out another year of TR!!

Anonymous said...

Fez - ok - Yunk. I an now in Alberta. When you are down from your Mountain High I'd love to see you. Say hi to your family for me.


PS Elliott bought a house on Winston DR......

Anonymous said...

This is great info to know.