Monday, August 18, 2008

Return to Yoho - Hot Summer Fun!!

It's the weekends like this that I dream of all summer - and they are few and far between. This weekend, we had perfect rocky mountain summer weather: clear blue sky, hot temperatures and a full moon in the evening. How fantastic is that for running? And how unbelievable magical is a full moon over Takakkaw Falls?

The trails are high, dry and clear in the alpine in Yoho and all that is left is to get out there and enjoy.

I joined Iris and Julie for a weekend of camping and running and I brought along a Spanish guy who I had met for all of 5 minutes. Javier was great! He added an extra element of fun to the weekend, he was blown away by the scenery and appreciative, he was easy to get along with and damn entertaining. I had promised him a lift to Yoho, but in the course of an hour conversation and a car ride, I told him he was more than welcome to join us for some fun. The girls loved him.

One of my favorite trails in Yoho is called the Iceline. While it is a very popular summer destination, I love joining the other people on the trail for a wee jaunt above treeline. You get to run a trail below 5 glaciers, with many others on the horizon. It is truly magical! It is one of many trails we ran. I also did a little thing I like to call "Yoho in a Day." I ran to Yoho Lake, the Highline, the Iceline, the Whaleback, to the top of Twin Falls and then descended back to the valley, where I enjoyed an easy cruise home. So magical. I jumped in so many glacier fed lakes along the way, I lost track! The weather was HOT. Good heat training for TransRockies!!

I ran for all 3 days - 26km on the first day, 32km on the second and about 24km on the third day. I probably should be tapering for TransRockies - but hey, the weather was to fantastic to miss out on any fun!! I'll have the rest of the week to relax and a few days driving in the car to Yellowstone and on to Colorado. Start line is next Monday!! Woooohoo! So soon - what happened to my summer??? Oh yeah-I ran every weekend and it vanished - poof! But it's not over yet and the very best adventure is still to come!

Speaking of TransRockies, it is coming fast and furious. I have so much to do in the next few days, that there is no time for a proper blog entry to tell you all of the tales of the weekend! C'est Dommage as they say, en francais. You will have to make due with all of these great photos I took along the way. Enjoy!


Journey to a Centum said...

Cold Mt. Dips, scenery overload, one great car shot. Oh and those Nature Valley bars are a lot better if you don't eat the wrapper!

Get some rest this week! Good luck in Colorado! I'm sure you and Meghan will do great!

CoyoteGirl said...

OMG!!! Beautiful. I wish I was there. That is just gorgeous.

Best of luck at TransRockies. I expect a full race report!

Anonymous said...


I finally found you! I had to google you (last resort) and found you in the mountains! And all smiles I see. We've been out of touch for all these years and I see you are having the time of your life! When you have a chance call me - I'm living in Calgary again - 403-455-4049 - Elliott is staying at the house until Aug 30 and we'll be back from Ontario then. I'd love to get together soon.


Leslie said...

Yay! Hiya Ang! No worries, we've both been a little pre-occupied the last decade!! I can't wait to sit down and have a visit - we'll give you a call when I get back from Colorado!

Love from Leslie

Leslie said...

Hey Eric!
Sounds like you have recovered and are back in the saddle. Aren't you on pacing duty some day, soon??
Hope all is well! We will do some Mad Monkey noises for you on top of some pass in Colorado.

Hi CG!
Hope your having a great summer! This little TR adventure will be a great way to wind down (or up??) my summer. I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

mummy dearest

Hi "yunk"

Say hello to Angela for me.

el moderno Prometeo said...

Hey Leslie!! How is it going?
The days I spent with you in Yoho were the best ever in my whole trip. Thank you for all.
Now, I'm back in Spain. I have a lot of pictures and a very nice experience in mind.
Best Regards to Iris and Julie. You were all really nice. Keep on running!
I know it's a little bit far, but here is your home whenever you decide to come ...
Keep in touch and ... Have fun!