Saturday, March 22, 2008

Five Hour Run Johnson Lake and Lake Minnewanka

Lots of signs of spring today, the occasional stretch of dry trail (gasp!) and rock and ice. It was the earliest I have ever run Lake Minnewanka shoreline and the patches of dry trail were few and far between the stretches of treacherous black ice! I was distracted today, mostly by the scenery and the slippery footing. I felt like I was not moving forward to quickly but could have gone for hours! Enjoy my run.


Mike said...

Ha, I saw your van when I went out to Johnson's to walk my dog. Figured you were out on an epic and I guess I was right. Looks like the training is going well, good job!

Leslie said...

Why hello stranger. I completely forgot it was Good Friday and I could have actually recruited some FRIENDS to join me. I could use the company!! The frustrating thing about running in winter is it always feels like you can't get the DISTANCE are out there for 5 hours, but never covering the same kind of distance that you could in summer!

Still, the three lake tour was sweeeeet and it felt like spring was in the air! Nya - I know better.

Backofpack said...

Absolutely beautiful! Looks cold and like the top of the world. Read your b-bear, g-bear post too. I'd be saying b-b-bear because I'd be stuttering in fear! They are awe inspiring though, beautiful and powerful. Pay attention on your trail runs!

holly said...

Hey Resree!

Look beautiful - I'm jealous. Ty and I are having a hard time being "work free" right now and I am feeling seriously cooped up in Cowtown.

On another note, I noticed (due to my serious OCD) that you don't have Blackfoot on your race calendar. Was that intentional?

Mrs. Lopes

Journey to a Centum said...

Great shots from a great run! Did you see any G-Bears?

Leslie said...

Hey friends!

Good eye Holly - looks like I forgot to put Blackfoot up there, hopefully it will be a social pleasure cruise after the Miwok!

Michelle and Eric - it is pretty isn't it? But STILL FROZEN. Sigh. But there are signs of spring like the bears! I try to avoid bear encounters at all costs - you will usually here me coming down the trail. I've run into a G-bear with cubs and she scared me into singing on the trail. I usually average a couple a summer on trail and a couple dozen a summer from the car.

Love them bears!


Dave - Atlanta Trails said...

*wide-eyed stare at the screen*

boy, that's beautiful! It's hard to get all that in brain.

Sat Sandhu said...

Wow, that is some seriously beautiful backyard you have there for running.

I am sooo jealous - all we have to look at is pavement after dirty smelly pavement here in London :(

And no g-bears either, double :(

Leslie said...

Hi Dave and Sat,

I love living in a National Park!!

..and yes, I am so spoiled. But don't forget there is that little thing that they call "winter" here...either way Spring is in the air!

Thanks for checking in.