Friday, August 10, 2012

First Thoughts on the PCT

Good Grief I've got my work cut out for me!!
Day 1 officially blew my mind. The scenery out here in Washington is most definitely comparable to my home in Banff. It's wild, immense and yes, even a little scary in the dark woods. :)

My plan went out the window on Day 1. The idea was to start slow and ease myself into it. But Angela and I started hiking and we kind of hike fast...

Next thing you know we've gone 30 Miles. Damn!! So much for taking it easy. We tagged the Canadian border and I started my hike Southbound on August 1st.

First thoughts...

It's been lot of years since I've been backpacking. It's hard work and it hurts a lot in the beginning. Feet are getting used to 12 hour days, neck, shoulders, hips. The smell, oh the stink!! Yes, I sweat all day, my running shoes are already rank, we call it The Funk. Living in the dirt is well, dirty. But the scenery!!! Oh my. This is some wild, big and crazy beautiful corner of America. I had no idea.

Saw the first Northbound Thru-hikers on Day 3, My first bear on the same day and had a whirlwind visit to Stehekin.

There's a lot of scrubbing my Unmentionable Bits with snow to keep clean. Fortunately, I haven't been busted by any other random hikers yet!!

I've lost shit. Meh. Didn't need it anyways. I call it lightening my load. My dad used to say they I'd lose me head if it wasn't screwed on. But, he also used to say that I have a piano tied to my ass!!

Angela has been great company. While standing on a very small patch of dirt, on a very snowy and foggy Red's Pass we sang a stirring rendition of Kenny and Dolly's Islands in the Stream. She also averts her gaze when I scrub my Unmentionable Bits with snow. :)

There's plenty of good people around. OK-we did go a day and a half without seeing Anyone. But, when we did they were good people's!! I successfully borrowed 2 pairs of Microspikes from random strangers to get us safely over a snowy pass. See? Good People's. They are getting their spikes and a wee Prezzie in the mail.

Speaking of Good Peeps my Washington running buddies Eric and Michelle brought me treats and I got a quick visit here in Skykomish. They also gave Angela a ride back to civilisation after 8 fun filled days on the trail. What a great way to start the trip!! Now, it's most me heading out by my lonesome tomorrow. Excited. Just a little bit scared. But, ready for the adventure!!
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Location:Middle of Nowhere in a Tent


Kaz said...

Great start Leslie! Be safe on your own.

Helen said...

Wonderful to read you are off to a great start! Can't believe how much snow still. Great pics, especially Angela, wild flowers, open space and mountains. Hope the weather holds. Be safe!

Meghan said...

Right on, Leslie! We're rootin' for you from Utah.

Olga said...

So awesome to hear from you and live through you a little! What a great and hard and awesome adventure! Michelle and Eric rock:)

Leslie said...

Good Morning Leslie! (Since I know you're still in civilization this am...)

Glad you've figured out your 'electronics'! A phone call, awesome pictures, and a write up...all I ask for on your amazing adventure. Keep happy, keep eating, keep having a great trip...and hug the northbounders even if they stink worse than you!



Danni said...

Don't chafe your [edited] with all that snow.

Love you and praying for you.