Monday, July 4, 2011

It's the Beginning of a Great Adventure

The past few weeks have been busy ones.  All sorts of good things happening, good times and great adventures.  I got to make a whirlwind trip to California for Western States, Summer Solstice has come and gone and so has the month of June.

My experience at Western States was fun, energizing and yes, a Great Adventure.  To see all of these runners from the front of the pack to the back of the pack makes your eyes wide open in awe.  There's inspiration wherever you look - and I didn't have to look far while pacing Angela to yet another stellar 100 Mile finish.  The girl was tough, strong, steady and mentally solid.

She's Tough.  And Amazing.

My Banff friends Brenda and Ellie had great races as well, with Brenda cruising easily, confidently and happily to the finish line.  After a rough start, Ellie pulled out all of the stops and finished up her race in epic style blazing the last 20 Miles for the win.  The scenery also inspired - from the American River Valley to the high peaks of Truckee, Donner Pass and Lake Tahoe - this is beautiful country.

Team Banff Rocks!

Upon returning from Western States, I also had some inspirational visitors.  My home was abuzz with the good energy of Cricket Butler and Stephen Huddle - a couple of cyclists who were getting ready for a Great Adventure.  Cricket and Stephen are cycling the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route as participants in the Tour Divide - a self supported mountain bike race from Banff to New Mexico.  Cricket is going for the ladies course record - which is currently held by my friend Jill Homer.  How cool is that?  Needless to say, their energy and excitement was reverberating off the walls of Chateau Brodsky.  Keith and I have put the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route on our Great Adventure List. We love the idea of getting on our bicycles in Banff and touring down to Mexico.  Cricket and Stephen rolled out early in the morning of June 30th and we'll be cheering them on online with their efforts.

Bikepacking = Fastpacking  
Cricket is traveling light and fast!

 Off to Mexico
Pack your Light Saber.

Summer Solstice also came and went, the eternal change of season.  When you live in a place where seasons dictate the ebbs and flows of our day-to-day existence, it's not just symbolic of change - it's significant.  On that note, the end of June and the change of season brought with it some personal change in the world of Keith and Leslie.  Way back in the New Year - we were pondering life and actually decided to make a big change.  Keith called up his employer and told them he would be done working on June 30th - the end of his contract.  My hubby has always loved his job as a Sales Rep for Rocky Mountain Bicycles, but he decided that he was done.  He wants to take a few years off, spend less time on the road, work locally and seasonally and in between - take his wife traveling.  Sounds Good to Me.  He leaves Rocky Mountain as the top salesman in all of North America.  We decided, why not leave on top?  When your employer is happy and life is good.  We leave September 15th for 3 months in Australia.  Hello World.

This past weekend, we had the pleasure of attending our friends Geoff and Tracy's wedding in Jasper.  It was a beautiful way to spend Canada Day and I couldn't possibly think of anything more symbolic to celebrate the Beginning of a Great Adventure. 

It's the beginning of a Great Adventure

On that note, no trip to Jasper would be complete without actually enjoying a Great Adventure. We worked off our post-wedding indulgences with a 42km trip to Berg Lake - one of the most beautiful places on Earth.


Mary said...

Oh wow! three months in Australia!Is your job seasonal? I want to be that brave again and do what you guys are doing. Unfortunately I have a house to pay for...

Anyhow that's great!

Meghan said...

Yip! A grand adventure!

Danni said...

Summer is finally under way! Angela did AWESOME by the way!

Anonymous said...

awesome adventure indeed. i look forward to some amazing adventure stories to come!

Dumpster Dude said...

Travel, to learn new culture, language, New places, fantastic experience which can only be experienced rather than listening or narrating.

Helen said...

Australia -such a different beauty to your part of the world but I'm sure you will love it. Would love to meet. Where does the adventure start?

HappyTrails said...

Awesome summer underway - you guys have all the fun stuff going on!!! Congrats to Keith - have a blast planning for that getaway down under!!!

Barry said...

First of all, congratulations on great race success and doing Canada proud.

I wish you well on your grand Australian adventure. I shall live my experience vicariously through your excellent posts. It has always been a wish of mine to spend time in Australia. The truth is, I will not live long enough to complete 10% of what remains at my back door. Although I must say Rick has me really interested in Iceland and I am looking forward to hiking Yosemite in September. All the best to you.

holly said...

Holy crap that is amazing! I am so thrilled for you both!!

Miss you tons.


slowrunner said...

australia gets to see leslies' butt! so very kool! and can't wait to see you in 2 weeks !!!


Leslie said...

Hi Y'all! And thanks for the good thoughts. We're pretty excited about this adventure.

Hi Mary, yup, it has taken awhile but we're taking the plunge! So ready for a travellin' adventure. Whilst we've had lots of vacations, it's been about 20 years since I really traveled. We're psyched. House is all paid for, work has agreed to have me back so it's time for a little overseas adventuring. Yiiiipee!

....and Yip to Meghan!

Danni - you're so right! She did awesome. Solid. Unbelievable. When do I see you next, lady? It's time!

Naomi - hope you're staying well plunging into a summer of Ultra Adventures! TRUE Dumpster Dude. Thanks for the kind words.

Hi Helen! Met your lady friends this week. It made my day. Starting in N.S.W and heading to Queensland. No set itinerary yet, but we'll keep you posted! Look forward to meeting you. :)

Thanks Steve and K - yup, Keith's a brave man. Hardest part was the decision. Scary. But now....
Let the adventure begin!

Thanks so much Barry!
I love your posts and the attention to all of the little details. It's so true, there's so much to do right at my own back door. I've been working hard on all of my local "must-do's" but OMG, it's a long life list. I'm chipping away at it though. Sounds like you've got a few ideas on your table as well, yes? I've had some good albeit to short adventures in Yosemite (with Ms. Meghan who is posting here...) It's a busy place compared to Banff, the valley in particular - but there's so many other amazing less trodden corners of Yosemite! But the Yosemite Valley. The Valley. No wonder why they all come to visit! It looks like Iceland has some amazing trails - I like the idea of walking along and then getting Naked and jumping in some thermal waters that are steaming out of the earth. ;) That's my Iceland Fantasy!

Why Hello, Ms. Long Lost Holly! I miss you too. Maybe you should come join us for the first 3 weeks of our adventure!! We're pretty stoked now that Keith has overcome the fear of under employment. As you know, there's a man that will never have any problem finding the "next thing".... Love my honey!

Hi Dora! Kendra! Slowrunner!
I'm looking forward to our adventure in a few short weeks....hello BC Roadtrip! Hello, suffering Kendra! I hope you suffer well, honey - cuz there's going to be LOTS of it. ;)

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