Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy. Happy. Spring. Spring.

Did you miss me?

I hope you did.  I've been busy.

There was this little vacation.

It was great.  I had good company. 

There was a  trail race in Sisters, Oregon and some time spent with friends.

There were new trails in Hood River and in the Yakima Canyon.

It was all so beautiful. 

And impressive.

And new and exciting.

I love to visit new trails and new places.

It was Spring in Oregon.

When I arrived home, it was Spring in Banff.

The sun came out.

We went outside.

And we celebrated.

The un-official arrival, of Spring.

I love to go on holidays.

But I sure do love coming home.

The photos tell 2 different stories of my Easter Weekend.  The first run, was in Invermere, B.C. where spring has definitely arrived.  The second run, was on the snowmobile trail that travels to Skoki Lodge in Lake Louise, Alberta.  Believe it or not, it's spring in the rockies!  

Happy-happy, it's Spring-spring.
Wishing you some fun in the spring sun...



Carolyn said...

I missed you Leslie! I've been looking for some Leslie inspiration while preparing for our first little run/race of the season next week! Glad you had a great vacay, but glad you're back also! :)

sbrt said...

stunning photos, have a good spring

All the best

HappyTrails said...

WooHoo - spring has sprung - great photos as always Leslie!!!

Mary said...

It's not spring in this part of Oregon! Hope you can run over here some time, you would love it!

Helen said...

Did miss you lots but guessed you were off having more exciting adventures and taking more fab pics and of course you haven't disappointed.
I'm getting excited for my adventure starting Friday. Cruise Aegean, then WALKING 6 days Slovenia and 4 Austria

JeffO said...

That looks like FUN!

Kaz said...

I love spring too - such a hopeful time!

Loved the pics of you guys in shorts on the snow - seems such a juxtaposition but it gets hot!

Glad you had a good hol.

RunSueRun said...


Let's run the Tonto Trail!! ;-)

Have you seen Davy C's blog post about his recent running?


Leslie said...

Thanks Carolyn! It's good to be missed. Is it already your debut for the season? Shiiiit! Must be springtime. ;)

Information said...

Sue! Don't tease me like that. :) It certainly sounds like a helluva' adventure and a lot more challenging that your standard Grand Canyon trails. Go Davy!