Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It's Planning Time

Technically, it's been race planning time for months.  I've been holding off on planning anything, because there have been a few "unknowns" in the Leslie schedule.  But it's coming together - a plan for a great year, some new trails and some new places!!  I've been marking up the calendar with a flurry of pen marks and question marks and exclamation points (!!!).

I applied for Hardrock for the 2nd year in a row, but didn't get in.  No worries on that one, this summer really wasn't the time for a long trip to Colorado.  A trip to the San Juans is definitely on my fantasy wish list - it doesn't have to be Hardrock, just a little travel time to visit and run in the area. Some day!  Fortunately, my own backyard is probably the most stunning mountain environment that you'll ever feast your eyes on.  I've got my heart set on doing another multi-day running adventure this summer, right here in my own backyard.  Or close to it.  That adventure is still in the works, but I've got some solidified running adventures on the horizon that are coming up fast and furious!  That's good, because I always enjoy having something on the calendar to work towards.

In mid-April, I'm taking a 10 day road trip with Keith to Sisters, Oregon - home of the Peterson Ridge Rumble and friend Sean Meissner.  From what I understand, Sisters, The Rumble and Sean are all closely connected. I'm looking forward to ALL of it - and stoked to be re-connecting with the "running tribe"!  Naturally, I'm also looking forward to exploring some new places - I haven't done much traveling through Washington or Oregon.  10 days should give us a "teaser", yes?!?  The Rumble has a 20 Miler and a 40 Miler.  The boy is going to do the 20 and I'm going to do the 40.  That should get the ol' legs going for the season.

That will be the warm-up for the Main Event - the Maah Daah Heh trail in Mid-May.  Heck, yeah - we're taking another road trip!  This time to North Dakota for some running through the badlands near Teddy Roosevelt National Park.  I've been obsessed with the Dakota's for quite some time, so I'm super-stoked for this trip.  The Maah-Daah Heh is just shy of 100 Miles of sweet trail goodness.  We're taking 4 days to do it - with most of my friends being on their bicycles.  I thought about riding it, but this girl just has to run this one.  I can't resist.

And finally, I'm making the trip to Western States in June.  Wooohoo!  That one is booked already and I'm thrilled to playing support crew for the divine Ms. Angela - she's the hotty in blue.  Technically, I invited myself by saying "You know I'm coming, right?!"  I think that conversation took place last spring.  Either way, Ang has been a big part of many of my adventures since I met her at Western States Camp in 2009.  So, it's only fitting that I invite myself along on one of her big adventures. :)

So, that's it for running stuff.  Some solid plans for April, May and June!!  Yahooo!  I haven't got anything planned passed than - but we'll see what comes up.  I've got a few ideas up my sleeve, so stay tuned for more adventures in the works.


Ellie Greenwood said...

sounds like some exciting trips Leslie! Too bad you didn't get into Hardrock - but will be fab to ahve your energetic presence at WS!

kristen said...

Kind of fun just to say "Maa daah heh"!

Looks like we're in for reading about some fun adventures! But that's nothing new really...

Danni said...

The Rumble is a good one and is pretty fast and flat. I may be coming too on the Dakota trip -- if I do I will be running too most likely.

Bruce Grant said...

If you're heading for the coast in April, why not swing by Vancouver and join me'n'Nicki at the Diez Vista 50k on the 9th? Stay at our place, run, eat sushi, rehydrate, enjoy.
Just sayin... after all, we're *almost* next door to Oregon :-)

Nice to see you plans formulate. The only thing better than planning is doing!

Olga said...

See you at the Rumble!

Anonymous said...

I've done portions of the Maah Daah Heh some years back with my husband and our biking friends back in Winnipeg. It was our "May long weekend" warm-up trip. Beautiful place! Should be a fantastic run. Hope you have warm and dry weather because if it's wet, it is impossible red clay (but still very beautiful)....enjoy!

Leslie said...

Hi Ellie! Yes! I'm stoked for WS. Just to be part of "the show" in all it's glory. Can't wait. I'm looking forward to seeing you rock the States course as well - I think it will be a perfect course for you!

Hi K - long time no K! Great to hear from you. It is fun to say MaahDaah Hey - eh?!? Hope all is well with you lovely lady!

Danni - really, really, REALLY??
You're thinking about joining me on the MDH?? I would LOVE your fine company! But this time, promise me you'll train? ;) The Rumble is flat and fast? Crap! That's not my "mountain girrrrl" style of race. Maybe I'll have to get fast or something. :)

Hi Bruce! That sounds like a pretty awesome weekend plan. Can I take a rain check?? I was skiing with my favorite Australian today. Now what do you have in the works this year? I'm so looking forward to some new places and new adventures!

HA! Olga! We'll see you at the Rumble. How cool is that.

Hi Naomi! Yup, I've been hearing about the MDH trail for a few years. Sometimes, you just got to get in your car and drive 1000km and do some random trail. It's all good fun. Can't wait! I'm crossing my fingers that it doesn't rain. The clay is just like in Lethbridge, yes?

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