Thursday, January 13, 2011

Busy. Fun. Life. Good.

Clearly, life's been to busy to write quality posts. In the mean time, you'll have to settle on such gems as "Blame it on the Boogie". :) BTW, I'm still singin' that damn song.

I just can’t, I just can’t (Yeah)I just can’t (Woo) control my feet

Officially, I'm playing blogging "Catch-up". I haven't even posted any of the photos from the New Year's Day ski tour - and it was a glorious sunny day. Forgive me blogging buddies, for I have sinned. Too much living being done here.

Amidst all of this, was some continued Holiday Socializing with a side of Holiday Eating to leave me in a Post-Holiday Daze. Please. I can't possibly eat any more chocolate. Oh wait. This past weekend we squeezed in 3 days at Lake O'Hara and we actually ate more than we exercised. Of this, I am utterly sure. Somewhere in there, I also missed my own Blogging Anniversary (whoa - December 2007) and as a Grand Finalee, yesterday I turned 42.

Hot Damn.

Time really DOES fly when you're having fun!

For my birthday, I kept it simple. A nice sleep-in. Coffee and breakfast cooked by husband. A birthday run. Massage. Dinner at Home. Movie. = Awesome!

It was cold: -24c and snowing hard when we woke up, but it improved to a balmy -19c and snowing harder by the time we left for the birthday run. We had 4 hours to kill outside, before my 3:00 massage was booked. It was the first massage I've had in over a year.

To keep us motivated and lure my husband into 4 hours of running on a cold and snowy day - I broke the run up into many short pieces. We managed to stay on trail for the entire thing, except for a fun mid-run Coffee Stop. The run went like this:

-run to the Rimrock hotel on the backyard trail
-run to Spray bridge and the old Quarry
-run to visit Mike at the Banff Springs Hotel
-run to downtown Banff and a lap of Fenland Trail
-run to Jump Start Coffee shop for a coffee and snack
-run up Tunnel Mountain
-back to town and quick lunch at Wildflour Bakery

All of this got me to my massage appointment on time, with about 2 minutes to spare. I've got to do more silly runs like this in the future. Because the weather was so terrible (grey day, low cloud, cold and snowing) there aren't any photos of gorgeous scenery - just photos of gorgeous people. :)

Hello, snowy day!

Quarry Bridge: Spray River

Queen of the Castle

At the Wildflour Cafe
Warming up on Tunnel Mountain

Queen of the World!

Husband of the Day Award

Home. The View out my front door.

We're off to Skoki Lodge tomorrow for a couple of days, I'm looking forward to more time on trails and more eating. It seems to be a good combination!


Kaz said...

Happy Birthday Leslie!!!!! Sounds like a fantastic day. Running routes revolving around eateries is always a genius plan. Although they are hard to get out into I kinda enjoy the cold grey snowy days: it makes getting into the warm all the more joyous! I'd just like to say I love the shorts over tights look. I rocked up to club like that once and got mega laughed at, however, the last laugh was with them when their butts were freezing and mine was just dandy ta!
Enjoy skoki, have a ski for this mummy still living vicariously through your jaunts.

Sara Montgomery said...

Happy Birthday! Your day sounded really nice.

Derrick said...

Happy Birthday Leslie. What a great way to spend a day.

Paige said...


HappyTrails said...

Happy belated Birthday to YOU!!! Fantastic day in the grandeur of your happy place!

Deb said...

I love you guys! I'm totally joining you on one of these runs soon...i like the idea of running point to point to we can warm up and drink coffee and eat goodies :). That's a fab idea!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Leslie!!
Herzlichen Gl├╝ckwunsch. Our snow is just melting..I miss Canada...!!

Helen said...

Happy belated birthday Leslie. I've been suffering withdrawal symptons as the last blog to come up on my book marked page was Dec 28. Thankfully last night I lay in bed with my I-pod and discovered 2 blogs. Joy of joys!!! It seems I had to click onto 2011.
What a contrast from spectacular Banff, to my devastated Brisbane. We are fine but feel guilty going through normal routines.
53 cms snowfall in 3 days at Sunshine, you've chosen a great weekend to ski. Can't wait for the blog, checking on the correct page!

Deanna Stoppler said...

Sounds like the ideal birthday! Mine is coming up soon too and I think it looks pretty much like yours, lots of time outside spent with my wonderful husband!

Leslie said...

Thanks Y'all for all the good thoughts for my birthday! I had a great "mini-vacation" with my 5 days off. It was VERY wintery and wonderful! Cheers! Photos and re-cap to come soon...

Meghan said...

Happy burfday, Resree! I hope you had a happy day!

JeffO said...

I'm obviously behind on my blogging.
So your birthday must be about the same as mine. I like having a wintery b-day.