Sunday, October 24, 2010

Last Days of Fall

It's the time of year when day turns to night far too quickly. The last days of fall are usually a lot more snowy and this year, we've been fortunate to be enjoy some extra days on the trail. Every day that I wake up and there's no snow on the ground I feel compelled to get out there. Every day I think: One. Last. Day.

It felt like a long week at work and I didn't get out once except for a few leisurely stolls by the river. By Thursday night, I had the excess energy growing inside of me that demanded I get out and do something, anything. I laced up the shoes at 5:40 and headed out for a quick run up Tunnel, for sunset. As I mentioned, the days are getting shorter and shorter and it won't be long before I get up in the dark and I go home in the dark. But for the moment, I can still make it out for a run at sunset. Tunnel Mountain is always a short, quick escape: from my house, it's an hour round-trip.

Last light on the trail

Mount Rundle

Harvest Moon Rising

After that run, all was well in the universe. Friday turned out to be another great day, so again, I was compelled to take advantage. Monica even took me to a place I had never been, up Pigeon Mountain. The trailhead is less than 10 minutes from Canmore, South facing with great views of the Bow Valley, Three Sisters, Wind Ridge, Centennial Ridge and Mount Colemmbola. It's also a major wildlife corridor and on the open slopes of Pigeon Mountain, a Grizzly Bear had been excavating. We didn't see the bear, but we saw plenty of evidence of his hard work. It was a great day to enjoy the scenery and catch up with Monica.

I've been enjoying moving at a more leisurely pace this time of year, lots of walking, a little running. I feel like a Grizzly Bear going in to hibernation. I'm moving slow and still eating more food than the average bear.


Angela paid us a visit on Saturday, I haven't seen her since Tor des Geants so I got to get a blow-by-blow of her days on the trail after we parted ways. Naturally, we went for a hike. It didn't take long for us to get in the familiar rhythm of power walking up the mountain, driving forwards and upwards with the poles in hand. Keith, Angela and myself visited Rockbound Lake, in the Castle Mountain area and scrambled high above it to explore the Stuarts Knob area. It's awesome. I need to come back here with my friend Stuart, and climb, ummmm, Stuart's Knob.

Keith and Angela

Castle Mountain

The Colors of Rockbound Lake

The Castle

This morning, we awoke to a grey sky and a snow-covered Cascade Mountain. Finally, I can sleep in, relax, drink coffee and hibernate. I'm staying in my Cave today and lovin' it. I think it's time for second breakfast. This Grizzly Bear is hungry.


slowrunner said...

grrrrrrrrrrr - miss you!

Ewa said...

... and when winter comes I can just see you putting on snowshoes or cross country skis and posting the more breathtaking pictures. Till that time, enjoy your beautiful autumn.

Helen said...

Magical weather. Your full moon rose in molten glory here, Saturday night.

Leslie said...

Why hello Trans Rockies superstar! Miss you too! :)

Hi Ewa, good to see you getting out and having some outdoor adventures of your own!

Hi Helen - did you go howl at the moon?!?

Hone said...

I hate reading your blog now that I am stuck in SoCal. The pictures drive me crazy. You are so lucky to love where you live!

Hone said...

I meant "live where you live!"

I never proofread.

Leslie said...

Hi Hone. Well you're going to get even more jealous when you see the next post. At least your white ass has a tan now that you're back in SoCal!!