Monday, October 4, 2010

...and We Interrupt this Post... bring you the latest news from Banff!

This past weekend, we got a little gift from Mother Nature. One last glorious fall weekend, complete with warm temperatures. At this time of year, you embrace every one of those good-weather-moments that you can get. There were invitations coming from all directions to go running to long and beautiful places, but this recovering-from-injury girl had to be cautious. I got out there and enjoyed myself, just at a more leisurely pace. Essentially, I took a long walk with a little running but it was magic. I decided to do one of my favorite fall loops, starting and finshing at Cascade Ponds. There are a number of incredible trails in this area only 6 kilometres from Banff and on some of these trails, I've yet to see a single person.

As well as getting out for my leisurely walk/run, I got to spend lots of quality time with Keith including a stroll up Tunnel Mountain and a sunset tandem ride. The weather was so good and the day so amazing, we didn't want it to end.

Date night on the tandem: I was bitch on the back :)

Last week, I got to see the Physiotherapist and the diagnosis of my little injury was Anterior Compartment Syndrome. I had already taken 15 days off of exercise, cold-turkey, so I was feeling pretty good. The swelling and pain had disappeared and I have walking and standing pain-free for about 10 days. But, I was being super-cautious. Anyhow, they told me to get out there and take my legs running and see how it felt. I ran on Friday, 40 minutes flat and easy with Keith, without any pain. So, next day on the glorious and sunny day, I decided to do the long walk/run. I ran for an hour and I walked for another 2 and a half hours for about 20km total. Slowly and on soft terrain. I also threw in a hill for good measure, up to my favorite secret viewpoint of Lake Minnewanka. Apart from my body feeling sluggish, it all went great and no pain at all. So, on the road to recovery.

All of that aside, it was so good to be out there and enjoying one last weekend of "free" good weather. It was a gift. Another gift, is that I seem to be well on the road to recovery, and I should be good to go for next weekends trip to the Grand Canyon. Yup, I've had this one on the calendar for a long time. Keith and I have a wedding in Vegas and we thought we'd sneak in another quick trip to the Grand Canyon. Last year, if you remember, Keith was the one who was injured and he didn't get to make the run. I did get to do a solo R2R2R, which was the best anniverary present ever! This year, we're booked in at the North Rim Lodge and we're going to do a civilized run: a run from the South Rim to the North Rim, a meal and a cushy bed, and then a run back from North to South. Now that's the way to do a Rim 2 Rim 2 Rim.

Here's the photos from Saturday's run, a most picture perfect blue sky day in Banff. I even cracked a sweat.

Gleeful in October


Ewa said...

Gosh, R2R with a warm shower and soft bed. Now that sounds like total fun.
You are having a wonderful weather up there. By contrast in Yosemite they had snow enough to scare them into closing Tioga Pass (at least for a few days). Last week we were baking here.

kristen said...

wow- just wow. I was definitely on the wrong side of the Prairies last weekend. I was looking longingly at the Alberta temperatures and figured Banff looked and felt just like you described. I'm supremely jealous but happy to live vicariously through those pictures.

Now- can you order up some of that weather for next week too?

JeffO said...

It's quickly looking like my own R2R2R plans for this year are evaporating away. Hope you have fun, and take plenty of photos!

Carolyn said...

Very Glad that you are recovering/ healing...we would all be lost without your stories and pics Leslie!
I have big plans (big for me anyways)for next year and will be following your stories for inspiration!
Have a good trip!

ellorneo said...

Hey, I found your blog due a coworkers recommendation! I live in Cochrane and could not have enjoyed this past weekend more!

I had plans to do Goat Creek, but unexpected visitors prevented such from happening.

Great blog! Keep it up!

Helen said...

Just the best blog to wake up to. Your photos of my favourite place in the world make my heart sing. Thank you! I see today is just as beautiful on the web. Congratulations on your recovery. Happy running - today, tomorrow and the GRAND CANYON!

Unknown said...

When are you going to organize an ultra on some of your backyard trails so we have an excuse to come see them first hand?

Tamara said...

Yea! You are healing ... and totally agree with you about accepting the weather gifts! Bring them on.

Another way to do a civilized R2R2R is tossing a stay at Phantom Ranch in ... but love the idea of staying on the North Rim! Have an excellent anniversary and party!

Hone said...

Your blog always has the coolest pics. It brightens my day.

Leslie said...

Oh yeah, Ewa... I'm all over the bed and a big burger at the end of my day. It's going to be a great chance to actually SEE the Grand Canyon, instead of running by. I'm stoked. And the good weather continues here...

Hi K! Long time, no hear. 'tis the season to be bloggy friends again. Fall and winter=more time on the computer. Summer=busy=fun. :) I'm lovin' up the free weather while I can.

Hey JeffO, yup Keith and I are stoked for the more leisurely R2R. Good thing the Grand Canyon isn't going anywhere....there's always next year!

Thanks Carolyn! I'm excited about your big news. Good stuff.

Welcome Lorne! We're practically neighbours. That was a weekend to remember.

Howdy Helen. You're a kind lady. I love that you watch the Banff Gondola Camera!

Hey Mike, funny, last year I did the ultimate Banff tour with a few friends. We ran 5 days point to point through THE most beautiful trails of Banff National Park. Check out last year's report on the B.U.T.T Epic. Simply awesome.
You don't need an excuse to come visit, you're always welcome.

Thanks Tam! Have you weened yourself off of the bread, cheese and gelato yet? I'm still heavy on to the chocolate program after Switzerland. I can't stop. I'm a lucky girl to be going to the Grand Canyon for a quickie trip, a holiday to recover from my holiday!!
Looking forward to the North Rim.
Ciao, bella!

Thanks Hone. You're the best.

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