Thursday, August 19, 2010

Road Trip - It's Trans Rockies Run time!

Trans Rockies Bike. Trans Rockies Run.

Is it really that time already?

The Trans Rockies Bike just wrapped up in Canmore, Alberta - and Keith and his partner Jill had the ride of their lives. 7 days of mud, sweat and challenge and he loved every moment of it. The weather was tough this year - but they both shrugged it off and embraced their time on the trail. It's all about attitude and my husband is eternally positive - and genuine. They got to the finish line, happy - but slightly battered. Keith decided in the interest of his long term health, it would not be wise to attempt to do the Trans Rockies Run. He's a smart boy that way: you've got to give your body the rest and respect it needs when your hurting and his Angry Achilles needs some rest!

For me, what that meant is that I needed a new partner, ASAP!! After a few days of phonecalls and e-mails and less than 24 hours before our departure, I found her. The lovely Kendra Olsen - an ultra friend from Ontario. She cleared her schedule, booked a ticket and we'll meet in Buena Vista, Colorado the day before the race. Kendra you rock and I'm looking forward to getting to know you a lot better. Nothing like running together for 6 days to get to know each other. :)

So, Keith and I are hitting the road today to make the drive to Colorado It's almost become an annual tradition and it's sort of like re-connecting with the family. It's my 4th time running this event, a challenging, beautiful 6 day stage race. Running this event gives me great pleasure, but I'm equally as excited about the socializing. Like I said, it's like connecting with The Family. I can't wait to meet up with my extended Trans Rockies family. Keith wouldn't miss out in the fun - he's looking forward to some quality time with friends in Colorado. He calls Trans Rockies: "Summer Camp for Adults" and it's so true. Let the running holiday begin!


Ewa said...

Now that is some adventure!
I am sorry about the Achilles. From my own experience I know Achilles can be a total pain in the a$$.

Derrick said...

Keith, sorry to hear about your achilles. If it's been an ongoing thing, look into shockwave therapy for a quick turnaround. It's really amazing.

Have fun in Colorado, and good luck to you and Kendra. I'm sure you'll have a blast together.

Gretchen said...

Safe travels and have fun! I can't wait to hear all about it. I'm about to head out on a short road trip for a race in Oregon this weekend. Hooray for running road-trips!
Keith - Hope the tendon heals up well. Smart boy to give it the time it needs!

Ewa said...

I wanted to add another comment about Derrick's suggestion. I had shockwave therapy (EPAT) and I believe it helped my Achilles problem a lot. For months I had been going nuts not able to run. After 3 treatments I got cleared for running and see great improvement in how my Achilles is behaving.

HappyTrails said...

Keep Keith healthy - that is a good plan! Good luck Leslie and have fun out there!!!

Mike said...

Bummer about the injury Keith but you're doing the smart thing.
I'm sure you will both have a blast as always and by the time you get back you'll be ready to run again.

Kaz said...

Wise man!

Glad you've got a new partner.

I always imagined the multiday races would have a lot of commaraderie. Some day, some day. Just need my body to heal post birth and for Murray to get a bit older and finances allowing I'll get there.

Have a blast and enjoy the road trip.


Jennoit said...

Good luck Leslie! I looked in on your day 1 leg and things look great! Keith is still listed as your partner? Hope all is running well in Co.

Leslie said...

Hi Y'all. Just returned home from the Colorado road trip and the visit with the Trans Rockies Family. Fun was had, Kendra was a superstar, Keith is feeling waaaay better and we had a frickin' awesome "Run-Cation." My perspective is totally warped, when the idea of Trans Rockies exists as a "training run". It was great and I feel like a million bucks. Strong and smooth, baby.

Ewa said...

Just wanted to let you know you got tagged. Check my blog. :)