Sunday, December 20, 2009

Hardrock Dreamin'

It's that time of year.
Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year's 'Tis The Season and all that....but for me? Me, I'm dreamin' of Hardrock. It's the time of year to plot, obsess, dream and scheme about future races, adventures and holidays. I've been obsessing for months on end. Am I the only crazed Ultra runner out there with this particular disease?

The dream list is growing weekly. It's mostly a list of random places and trails all over the world, but there's certainly a few dream races in there as well. I'd like to run another 100 Miler this upcoming year, either Bighorn 100 in Wyoming or Hardrock in Colorado. I seem to be drawn to the big, challenging and scenic runs because that's what I really enjoy. I sure do love mountain towns and mountain places. Truthfully, I'm O.K if I don't get into Hardrock, I would love to go and volunteer, pace and mark the trail just to get a taste of the event. You know, a little reality vs. fantasy. But I'm realistic, I know how crazy tough it is but I think I'm up for the task. You never know until you try, right? At least that what my mom always said. So many races, so much to see!
I've got a lot of adventure runs that I'd like to do locally and abroad. Locally, I'd like to do a multi-day adventure run in Waterton National Park or Jasper National Park this year. I'd love to have a go at the John Muir Trail. I need to do further explorations of Yosemite, Kings Canyon and Sequoia! Bryce, Zion...Canyonlands and Death Valley....oh America. You're too big. The Wonderland Trail. Circumnavigate Rainier! Mount Saint Helens....the Tetons! Don't get me started on Europe. In France, I'm obsessed with the Grand Randonee Trails. They criss-cross the whole damn country. The Pyrenees. Italy and the Dolomites. Circumnavigate Mont Blanc! Why not? I ran the Dublin Marathon a few years back and discovered the the Dingle Penninsula. Loved it. I've got to go back and do the Dingle Way. Plus, it makes me laugh ever time I say the word "Dingle" out loud. Dingle. Tee-hee. So many trails....

Last year, I checked a few things off the list: pacing someone at a 100 mile run (check), running an epic 5 day run in my own backyard (check), running the Grand Canyon (check), exploring trails in Point Reyes(check) and running a 100 Miler(check!) Throw in some great races in beautiful places and it was a great year.
I've put a few things on the calendar to escape from winter and keep me motivated. I'm looking forward to exploring some new trails in either Death Valley or the Mojave Desert in early February. I'm also excited to explore a different corner of California and meet friends old and new at Coyote Two Moon in March. We'll see what 100 miler comes my way for the year, but I'm dreamin' of some new mountain adventures in beautiful mountain paces. How about you?


HappyTrails said...

Dreaming is good, mountains are good!
So many trails to explore - wouldn't it be awesome to take a year or so and just go running and exploring???!!! Have a wonderful Christmas!

Danni said...

I'm dreaming of you or Quinn -- or both -- to get into Hardrock so I can pace.

Gretchen said...

No, you are not the only crazed ultra runner out there who is thinking about these things! Totally obsessed. Yup.
Good luck with the Hardrock lottery. Let me know what kind of other plans you come up with. I'd love to join you on some of those adventures. John Muir Trail? I'm in!
Until then, have fun with the winter adventures! :)

Anna said...

Merry Christmas Leslie! :) Dreams are good......if you make it over to Europe you know you have to stop in Frankfurt to say hi.... :)

Meghan said...

Dream, dream, dream! And, dream big! I'll have my toes and fingers crossed for you and your Hardrock entry. You have a great attitude, though, as it's not going anywhere if it doesn't happen this year. Good thing there are so many more places to run, eh?

Merry Christmas!

Dan said...

Yes, you are obsessed but in a good way!

Backofpack said...

When you do Rainier, we are your staging point - we are less than 50 miles away. Heck, you could run there! Also, we could probably get you some time on your feet at CCC100 if you ever want to. And again, you could hang here.

Keep dreaming and scheming - that's half the fun!

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Hey Leslie,
Whatever you set your goals at, I'm sure you will have a blast accomplishing them!
As for me, I am doing my first 5 km (which due to poor trail conditions has become a choice of either a 3 km or a 6.7 km run) on New Years in Calgary. (I have decided on the 6.7).
Truthfully, I only started running three months ago. But because I have some really great friends who have gotten me interested and some pretty amazing inspiation in the Banff Trail Trash blog, I have found a great 'new' hobby.
Wishing you the best Christmas season and New Year ever, and Thanks Leslie, to you and all your running friends, for giving me the inspiration to even try running!
Best Wishes,

Gary Robbins said...

So much to do, so little time!
Dreaming and schemeing is the only way to pass those long winter nights!

Gary Robbins said...

So much to do, so little time!
Dreaming and schemeing is the only way to pass those long winter nights!

Leslie said...

Hi K, Danni, Gretchen, Meghan, Anna, Michelle, Dan, Gary and Carolyn! Good to know I'm not alone with the obsessing...:)

Here's to dreaming and scheming. Thanks for the kind words Carolyn and enjoy the rest of your holidays everyone. I'm off for a non-adventurous, relaxing kind of holiday to start the year off right.

Love you all!


Stuart said...

Looks like our paths will cross closely! C2M is almost in my back yard but my focus is elsewhere!

Looks like a solid To Do list though!

JeffO said...

Good luck getting into either race. I would love to help out, if you do HR100.

aka Moogy said...

Good luck in the HR lottery!! It is an AMAZING experience. I too am in the pot. Go Canucks!! 8)
Moogy, Collingwood, Ont

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