Thursday, August 13, 2009

TransRockies 2009 - Team Banff Trail Trash

For those of you who didn't know, I will be going to the TransRockies Run in Colorado this year. It will be my 3rd year participating in this awesome event and this year, it is going to be extra special. In a week, I will be driving south with my hot, studly new running partner. His name is Keith and he is my husband! Oh yeah, baby! Banff Trail Trash is going to rock the TransRockies and it's going to be capital, F-U-N.

I hadn't given it much thought and all of a sudden, it is HERE. I had a look at my last year's post and was reminded of just how much fun I had! It really was a special week for me. Beautiful trails, new friends and good times. Here's a few of my favorite photos from last year's edition of TransRockies:

Banff Trail Trash

Little girl with Big Man

Feelin' the Love


Happy Runner Girls

Rockin' the Trails with Meghan

It's going to be a brand new adventure for us and I'm pretty excited and proud to be running this race with my honey! It's going to be a whole heckuva' lot of fun. TransRockies is always a good time - I'm looking forward to it all: the running, the scenery, the socializing, the eating and hanging out at camp. There's nothing like a week at running camp to wind up a great summer! I can't wait for the adventure to begin.


Rick Gaston said...

Man, is it that time already?! Got a couple of friends who are joining in on the fun, giddy with excitement. Great athletes but haven't done any long distance trail running. They're doing it anyway and have been training hard, love their spirit.

Here's to you and Keith at TransRockies. Maybe I get see Team Banff Trail Trash on the daily highlights.

Leslie said...

Thanks, Rick!

The only way we are getting on the daily highlights is POSSIBLY if Keith or I bust out a full moon or renew our wedding vows or something. Our motto is "It's all about F-U-N."

Hey Congrats on your amazing run last weekend! Hot damn, that was impressive. I'm sooo glad it came together for you.

HappyTrails said...

Hope you two have a BLAST!!! We'll look forward to the full report and pictures!!!!

Laura H said...

Bust out a full moon!! Have fun!

kristen said...

Good luck to both of you! Have a blast!

Gretchen said...

Oh it sounds like so much fun! I can't wait to hear all about it. I am so stoked that you and Keith are a team. How awesome is it to have your husband as your running partner. So cool!

Leslie said...

Thanks y'all! And Laura! Great to hear from you. I've missed you! I'll make sure to bust one out for ya....

JeffO said...

I'll be doing the LT100 the same weekend, 22-23.
I can't take off work this week. My boss is taking the week for vacation, and there's a special project hogging my week.
But good luck, you two!
Hey, two full moons and one crescent over Colorado would be a special sighting!

Meghan said...

Hiya girlie!

Myohmy you and Keith are going to have a fun week!

And myohmy was that ever a special week last year! It changed my life in a ridiculous number of wonderful ways. You are a fantastical friend that resulted from that week!

Have fun and hugs!

rumon said...

So cool that you two are going to be running together this year! Aviva and I had such a great time running it as a couple last year, so I hope the same enjoyment follows you through the route this year. Wish we could be there with you. Good luck and have F-U-N!

Leslie said...

Hi Jeffo!
Good thoughts your way for this weekend at Leadville, sorry we'll miss you!

Meghan! The bestest partner of all-EST! Has it really been a year? A whirlwind of a year? I'll miss you this year.
Keith and I will go run some trails in your honor!
Love to you!

Hey Rumon,
Good to hear from you-
Hope all is well in Victoria and that you and Aviva are planning your own adventures...
What's in the works for you?
Keith says howdy! He's STOKED to be participating this year.

saschasdad said...

Ah the memories... I really, really, really, REALLY wish I was there right now playing with everyone in the mountains for the week. Next year...I will be back!

Who's that dude drinking nuuntinis with Bryon with the cool handlebar mustache?

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