Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The B.U.T.T Epic - Day 2 and 3

Day 2 - Mount Shark to Mount Assiniboine via. Marvel Lake and Wonder Pass, 27km + 7km

Day 3 - Mount Assiniboine to Sunshine Meadows and out to Bourgeau Parking Lot, 30km

It's a beautiful day - the sky falls

You feel like it's a beautiful day

Don't let it get away!


Ever been to Mount Assiniboine? You should GO. It really is spectacular.

A girl could spend days in there, holed up in her little cabin running around in the woods. In fact, I think I might do exactly that sometime in the future. There's a whole heckuva' lot of beautiful trails to explore in the area. I ran in to Mount Assiniboine for the first time 5 years ago, as my first official mountain trail run. Sure, I'd spent lots of time running around on the trails in the woods, but this was different. My eyes were wide open to the possibilities of running long distances on trail and I've been doing it ever since.

Here's the quick version of our 2 days:

We cruised in to Marvel Lake....

The lake and the single track were stunning.

We climbed up to Wonder Pass from Marvel Lake.

Bryon thought it was both wonderous and marvelous.

The gang got silly. And then we charged down the other side of the pass.

Mount Assiniboine greeted us at the bottom. For some reason I was craving a Dairy Queen soft serve ice cream when I saw it.

Mike was in his happy place. In fact, we were all in our happy place!

We went for tea and treats at the lodge and then we went for a 7km bonus loop before dinner.

We enjoyed a fun night staying at the Naiset Cabins, cooked up lots of food, mooched lots of food from other guests, socialized, enjoyed a nightcap of whisky which Bryon packed in and slept like the dead.

When we woke up and there was a deer out the front door, the sun was shining and it was a beautiful day.

We bid farewell to Mount Assiniboine and started running.

Lake Og was cool.

We kept cruising through Valley of the Rocks, climbed Citadel Pass and before we knew it we had hit Howard Douglas Lake and Col de Leslie. Yep, I've got my own pass.

It had pretty flowers on it.

Cruised out through Sunshine Meadows and almost stepped on these guys. Hit the Ski Out and ran a few kilometres before The Maintenance Guy For Sunshine gave us a lift. I was O.K with that.
It was a beautiful day!
The End.


Backofpack said...

Sigh. Beautiful!

Danni said...

Sigh indeed.

Paul Charteris said...

Sigh X3.

Leslie, you'll love this photo:


Cheers, Paul