Sunday, June 7, 2009

Back in the Saddle Again!

Rockin' to and fro,
Back in the saddle again!
I go my way,
Back in the saddle again!
-Gene Autry

I love this photo. It's 100% pure fun. Kind of how I feel when I'm out there running on the trails. I sure am glad to be back out there.
Yesterday, I took the body out for a test-drive after the "week-from-hell." And guess what? I'm not broke anymore! Just like that. I am still in disbelief.
Here in Banff, the temperature dropped from 21c to +2c on Friday. Would you believe we awoke to snow for my Back in the Saddle Run?!?
I was joined by a couple of new friends, Simon Donato and Ian Lofthouse. Thanks for joining me for a run boys, the company was great! We took an easy cruise along the Spray River and every now and then, the clouds would lift and give us a glimpse of freshly dusted mountains. It was a cool, beautiful morning and we had the trail all to ourselves.
Checking out the rocks at the old Quarry

Happy Runners - Checking out the view.

I would show you the view, but the camera is being a moody bitch! She is cranky with me. I managed to run for 3h 10min. and I was pretty elated. The body felt good. I was supposed to run a leg of the Banff-Jasper Relay today, but I thought it was best to bow out. I couldn't walk earlier this week. Who knew that I would and am back running?? Me so happy! The run was followed by a hot tub and stretch. My new pre and post-run ritual. Warm up the muscles, then stretch them.

Today, I felt a little stiff so another hot tub, stretch and out the door for a run. My body felt surprisingly good, but I think other parts of me are sore from all of the stretching! Mike and I headed up to Lake Minnewanka to enjoy another easy-cruisy run on the shoreline. Another run of 3 hours. Go me! There was lots of fresh snow on the mountains, but the trail was dry and perfect. The bitchy camera didn't give me one good usable photo. :(

I will admit to being a little sluggish today, I think I had a food hangover from a fantastic 6 course dinner that my friend Brenda cooked last night. Very Iron Chef. She made 6 courses all using the ingredient, Chocolate. :)

On that note, enjoy the photo and the video from our Trans Rockies Run 2008 Road Trip. And watch out for Jackelopes and those who ride 'em!! Yiiiihaw!


Danni said...

That's a great picture and I'm so relieved that your knee is ok. That meal sounds divine!

JeffO said...

Very glad you're okay!
I used to think that jackalopes were fake, but there's no way that photo was digitally enhanced!
Who knew?

brendaontheRun said...

Glad you're back!

Journey to a Centum said...

Footprints in the snow. I'm glad that bitch camera of yours captured that moment. Glad to hear you are feeling chipper again! Keep stretching!

elizabeth said...

Could you share the "miracle" hip stretch with us?

Gary Robbins said...

Amazing how the body can heal itself, and amazing how Banff can and usually will get snow in each and every month of the year!!

Meghan said...

Hahahah you so fuuuuny!