Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Perfect Day

This past weekend, I enjoyed A Perfect Day. It went like this:

-Woke up in the AM and had coffee in my house with a friend I hadn't seen in a long time.

-Met up with 4 friends that I hadn't seen for a long time to go for a trail run. The singletrack trail is beautiful, the company is fantastic and the weather is nice and warm. This particular run turns into a 5 hour event, featuring only 2 hours of running and 3 hours of socializing in a pretty place outside.

-Yummy snack at home and out for Run #2 all by my lonesome.

-A leisurely walk to the local sushi joint to go for All You Can Eat Sushi with friends.

-A really good nights sleep.

My Perfect Day has many variations but most often they are a combination of the following: time spent with my honey, time spent outdoors, time spent being active outdoors, time spent napping, time spent relaxing, time spent in good company, time by myself and time spent eating good food. That's my Perfect Day.

What's yours?


AFib Runner said...

running- check
nap - check
good company - check
food - check
hmmm....I think you forgot spend time "checking out my fishtank" with my honey.

Leslie said...

WTF? Is that like a "special" nap?

Deanna Stoppler said...

The running is going good dudette! And I know it's time for a visit! Trying to get my mom moved to VT first; then to AB I go, to see my pa, and hopefully to meet you!

Danni said...

Sounds like a perfect day indeed! My perfect day would not include two runs, but would include an adventure outdoors in perfect weather followed by beer, good food, good company and good sleep! (And we all know what helps with good sleep).

Unknown said...

You are right - that is a perfectly awesome day to me!

Leslie said...

I dunno' Danni. What helps with good sleep?!?

Anonymous said...


If you can't remember...maybe I AM travelling too much! See you tomorrow night for your 'reminder'.



Leslie said...

OMG - did you ACTUALLY write that?! NO SOUP FOR YOU!!

Meghan said...

OMG, get a room you two!

Hugs to you both,

Gretchen said...

Sounds like an awesome day! That's hilarious--your perfect day lines up pretty closely with mine. Andrew and I always talk about the "four S's" of the perfect day: Sleep, Skiing, Sushi, Sex. Yup. That's pretty much perfect. :)

Backofpack said...

Sushi is not on my perfect day list, but other good food (chocolate, french fries, salad, bread) would be. Napping (especially in a puddle of sunshine on the living room floor) is on my list. Time spent with my honey is. Good book is. Time spent with my kids is. Time spent with friends is. Running is. Pilates is. Time spent with babies through preschool age is. Lots of options to make up my perfect day!

Leslie said...

Hmmm...O.K I second the chocolate, the napping in a sunbeam and a good book. Oh yeah, I also like to spoon with puppy dogs on the floor in a sunbeam. And really, it IS all about the 4 S's...