Sunday, April 12, 2009

We're Not in Australia Anymore.

This posting should actually have 2 titles, "Not Australia." and "How Not to Taper." This run was all Keiths' idea, as he wanted to take one last winter run into Skoki Lodge before they close for the season. I was keen because it is Skoki afterall, one of my favorite places and because our friend Michelle was joining us! But let it be known that I was bemoaning the fact that we both have a race next weekend and shouldn't we be tapering?? What do you do. There's not enough days in a week. I looked at my running program from last year and guess what?!? I ran in to Skoki the week before Diablo and I was O.K. We went for the run.

Not in Australia Anymore!!

Definitely, not in Australia.

Soooooo, Not in Australia.

Me, Michelle and Mount Temple (also not Australia.)

We were reminded by Keith to not step off the snowmobile trail. Shit happens when you step off the snow packed trail!! Do not step off the snowmobile trail!!
"No Leslie, you can't take the puppy home."

It was great to see Katie and her family, before they head off for a little off-season down time. They had some new additions at the lodge, Lucy the Jack Russell had some puppies! I accidently whacked this guys head on the edge of the table. I think the little dude was O.K, but for some reason the phrase "if you break it, you buy it!" went through my head.


Danni said...

You're bad! Poor puppy. Don't break the puppy!

That picture of Keith is priceless. How did he get out?

JeffO said...

Keith has the right idea - go for it! Taper's for wimps!
Well, a week of moderate running is taper, right?

Leslie's Keith said...

Crawled out! Pretty funny...good thing I was moving slow when I went in...hard to see, but my other leg is BEHIND me..on top of the trail!

Unknown said...


Gary Robbins said...

Wow, I do not miss running in the snow! Definitely feeling spoiled with our spring time weather here on the coast!
Mt. Temple, love that place. A 'short hike' up the back and incredible views as far as the eyes can see!

Paul Charteris said...

See you next week. The rumor on the web is that this is Keith's first marathon. Good choice, doing Diablo as your first marathon makes all subsequent marathon times look like massive improvements in fitness.

Leslie said...

Special Note: No puppies were harmed in this Blog posting.

Danni and Paul-
woooooohooo! We will see you this weekend.

JeffO, Chad and Gary...
Have a super duper weekend!

Happy Trails,


Anonymous said...

Hi ya, yep, puppies ok! So good to see you and to spy on you via your blog - so much fun, so much travel. I need to take your advice Leslie and not take "no" in my life anymore. Now where the hell do I get fast shoes like yours?? Love ya, Katie

Leslie said...

Hi Katie! Those puppies are something. They are almost as adorable as your kids, but not quite. O.K, maybe they are in fact more adorable than your children....

Relax well and enjoy that time off!