Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Race Report - Diablo 50 Mile Endurance Run and Adventures in Yosemite

I have myself a running hangover. This is what happens when you run in 30+ degree temperatures for 50 miles, evidently. I feel like I’ve been on a 3 day drinking bender, got in a bar room brawl and had the boots taken to me. Seriously. The Diablo 50 Mile Endurance Run 2009 edition was hot-as-hell, oh-so-pretty, tough, challenging and fun! The things I do for fun these days, I tell you. My perspective is seriously warped!

Keith and I have just returned from 6 days in California, where our visit was two-fold. Double the pleasure and double the fun! First, we got to visit Meghan in Yosemite. Second, we got to do that little runny-run on Mount Diablo. Before you get the race report, I have to torture you with the holiday report...but I’ll give you the Readers Digest Condensed Version.

Pre-Diablo, we got to enjoy two short but sweet days in Yosemite, at an amazing time of year. On Thursday, we played tourist and visited everything that we could in the Yosemite Valley. We were on our feet all day walking and enjoying the sights. The waterfalls are huge this time of year and there was water coming off of just about everything. It was simply awesome.

Friday, we got to spend some quality time with Meghan. We drove to Hetch Hetchy for a picnic and a walk and explored some crazy scenic back roads in the area. More incredible scenery and good times-good times!

Meghan is loving life in Yosemite and is recovering from a 2nd place finish at Marathon des Sables. It was awesome to share stories of recent travels and ponder new adventures. Meghan is my National Park sista'!! She fully understands and appreciates the joys of living in such a special place. That Meghan is a lucky and remarkable girl. Thanks for a great visit!

Race Report - Diablo 50 Mile Endurance Run 2009 - Fun in the Sun

Now on to the race goodies. This was my second effort at Diablo. You can read last year's report here. Last year, I ran this event as my first-ever 50 Miler with and ear to ear grin and enjoyed every moment. In particular, I appreciated and enjoyed the challenge of this course, the scenery, the steep climbs and descents, the people and the super-fantastic race directors Sarah and Wendell. This year, I couldn't stay away and brought my honey along for the fun. Keith has been building his mileage and confidence gradually over the past year and was stoked to be running his first trail marathon on this tough and challenging course. We got there early enough to enjoy the pre-race vibe and hang out with friends Doone and Tim Watson of Calgary and Glen and Tanya Meeth of Auburn. We spotted Gretchen ready to rock with red braids bouncing and found Danni who Keith ran with. The ultra world is a small world and I love it for that!

At 7:00AM, the air was already warm and I knew the toughest challenge of the day would be dealing with the heat. Especially when you're a Canadian girl who runs on snow packed trails. My only goals were to enjoy the trails, take some photos and have a good time. On a hot day, I throw all goals and expectations out the window. Really, running 50 miles is challenging enough on a given day, but running 50 miles with 13,340 feet of elevation gain on a stinkin' hot day? Just try and make it to the finish line in one piece. That's the goal!

The race starts by climbing all of the way to the top of Mount Diablo. It's a great climb and a most enjoyable way to start the day. The views are fantastic, the single track is sweet and the flowers on this particular day where gorgeous. It's also a nice way to start the day because you are pretty much forced to start slow due to the horse trail of people climbing along with you.
It's also sociable! I followed the backside of Jennifer Ray up towards the summit. Jennifer mentioned she was the race director of the Skyline 50k, which runs on the first weekend of August. You could tell she was enjoying her day.

Jennifer enjoys the singletrack.

It was a beautiful morning on the mountain and by the time I reached the top 2 hours later, it was already hot!
We enjoyed some great single track off the back side of Diablo, before it joined up with the double-track from hell and started going steeply downward.

I had fun running with Beat from Berkeley, who took some pictures of me in my happy place. Just rolling along on the double track, before the killer descent. Thanks, Beat!

Shortly after, the course gets so steep that the trail disappears out of view. And so begins the quad thrashing descent that appears so early in this race.

After the killer downhill, you head off on a 5 mile loop through some nice rolling ranch country. It was heating up out there and I stopped to soak my jersey in the lovely little creek at the bottom, before heading back into the exposed hillside and into the direct sun.

Coming back towards the aid station, Doone and Tim came running by which confused my sun afflicted brain, as they had been running ahead of me all day. It turns out they were going the wrong way out of the aid station, but it took me a few minutes to figure that out. By the time I made this realization, it was too late and they had disappeared down the hill. I felt so bad for not stopping them!
The section into Rock City was a bit of a blur and I found myself alone for most of it. That was alright with me, as I was enjoying cruising through the woods on some fun single track. I left Rock City alone and continued into the shady woods feeling strong, smooth and smiling. I got my camera ready as we descended further and further into the woods, wondering when I would see the front runners. When the leader appeared, I was stoked to see it was Beverly Anderson-Abbs leading the charge and she was flying! I gave her a huge cheer of: "Woooooohoo! Go Bev! You're a stud!" It broke her concentration, but it made her smile!

Next came this guy, who most definitely appreciated my cheering. It was Rob Cain, Age 55 from Ashland Oregon, motoring along. Hot damn. 55? Rob, you are the man! What a great race he ran! Please let me run like this in 5 years and 10 years. I want to be them. Healthy, strong and kicking-ass for many years to come.

Then there was Alan Abbs, just cruising along, doing his thing. I heard that Bev and Alan had been busy the previous day, directing their own event the Sunsweet Tehama Wildflowers 50k in Red Bluff. It looks like a great event in a very pretty place. But damn, if I ever directed a race, I'm pretty confident I would be sleeping in the next day. Possibly with a hangover.

O.K. Here is me in the woods. Do you notice the difference?

And here is Rick Gaston, who ran a great race on this day. I realized when I saw this photo that we have something in common: we both have ridiculously muscular legs. Except his are brown.

I also found Donald on the trails and introduced myself along route. I asked him this profound question: Are you Donald!?! I have been a fan of Donald's blog for awhile and always appreciate his great writing and sense of humour. This is the photo I got of him:
The trail really did descend into an inferno of heat on this section. I ran into Paul Charteris at possibly the hottest point on the course, as I was walking back up the hill.

Then there was Glen and Tanya Meeth....

...and the lovely Danni!! We didn't get enough quality time this weekend, so we are going to join forces and go to Western States Camp in May. I am so looking forward to it!

When we emerged from the shade of the forest and hit Rock City, I put away the camera and concentrated on putting one foot in front of the other. We were fully exposed to the sunshine in all of its' mid-afternoon glory and I found myself gearing down to make the climb up to Juniper. I was slowing down and seemed to be stuck in neutral.

Me So Hot!!

I tag teamed with this guy on the climb and we entertained each other as we climbed slowly up to the summit. He said he had been curled up in the bushes in the shade for awhile, before I joined him. He had scared a few hikers who were frightened with his sweaty, delirious appearance, complete with taped nipples. So funny. Does anyone know this guy? He was entertaining as hell! Somewhere on this stretch, Doone caught up to me and passed me and I was so happy to see her. Right next to the Juniper aid station, she saw a family having a picnic which she mistakenly thought was the aid station. Evidently, she almost dug into their picnic before realizing the error of her ways!

Summit #2 - Phew.

Summit Aid Station, Leslie and Doone taking a breather.

Incidentally, does this woman look 52 years old? We shared many great stories over the weekend. My favorite was hearing about Doone's experience at the Boston Marathon in 1978, which she ran in cut-off jean shorts. She's awesome.

While I was dawdling up top, Doone got a head start and it took me a looooong time to catch up with her. The hardest part of this course by far is the last 8 miles, with the majority going downhill. Now I would consider myself a good downhiller, but this descent was relentless and humbling. It really hurt, but at least I had gravity taking me closer to the finish line. I would almost slow to a crawl on the flat sections and Doone would catch me on these sections. When the terrain finally mellowed out, we ran the last few kilometres together. I was so glad for the company and we finished it up together which was a great ending to a fantastic day on the trails of Mount Diablo. The wild turkeys were there to greet us near the finish line, which was an extra bonus at the end of a long, hot and crazy day in the sunshine.

I had a great day! Everything about it was enjoyable. I did surprisingly well with the heat and I think my strategy of soaking my shirt, head and hat whenever I could paid huge dividends. It kept my core temperature down and my head cool. The big surprise was my finishing time, I had gone a whole lot faster than last year and improved by 50 minutes! That was a bonus to an already fun day.

Keith, really had a great run and enjoyed all aspects of his day. I was thrilled to see the look of excitement he had in his eyes when he was talking about his experience: the pleasures of the trails, the scenery and the people that he met along the way. Thanks to Sara and Wendell for another fantastic race in a very special place!


Danni said...

I've been stalking your blog waiting for your report. Or should I admit that publicly? Anyhow, GREAT race girl. You really amaze me. You are such an ATHLETE! You looked great when I saw you and ran well. I'm glad you were beat up too. I was more beat up than after Headlands 100. Seriously. I'm starting to recover but now I have a cold. Ugh. Anyhow, so looking forward to CAMP!

Gary Robbins said...

Looks like an awesome time! Nice work on holding up in that heat, bet it was tough to head home to more snow! BIG CONGRATS to Keith as well, superstar to knock down a 50 miler as his first ultra!!


Great job! And beautiful report. After running in the trees and rain in Vancouver its nice to see the wide open spaces. I checked your site cuz I grew up near you- Invermere bc. I'm missing the area and will certainly keep in touch with your blogs. Keep up the great work!

Leslie's Keith said...

Hey Gary...

Thanks for the kind words...but just to clarify, I 'only' did the Marathon ('only' 42km, 'only' 8000ft elevation, and 'only' 90 degree heat ). Best to leave the 'hard' stuff to Les and her friends for now!

Mike said...

Awesome job Leslie & Keith! It looked sooo hot, I can only imagine how draining it was.
That photo of the rolling downhill single track is enough to make me want to sign up for this race.
Wanna go for a run in the fresh snow this weekend?

Hone said...

I am jealous right now. I hope you are running it next year because I will be there for sure.

It just seems like my type of fun. I am glad you had a fun experience and I love how you live life to the fullest. Congrats!!

Unknown said...

Congratulations on the great race! That was a wonderful race report and it sure looked like you were having a great time in spite of the heat. That really looks like a fun race.

Donald said...

Hey - you were in Yosemite the same days that I was! I was shocked by the contrast from the snow up there to the heat at Diablo. But I guess you're used to that.

Thank you so much for stopping me to say hi. That was a tough stretch of trail, and every friendly face was very much appreciated. I have a pretty nice pic of you, so write me at info@runningandrambling.com and I'll e-mail it to you.

You did a really fantastic job coming down here and motoring through one of the toughest races CA has to offer. I'm very impressed by how fast you ran and how good you looked while doing it. Very nice write-up, as well.

I'm planning on attending the first day of WS camp, so hopefully I'll see you again there. Take care, and happy training!

Roger Michel said...

Hey Leslie! Its "this guy", AKA Roger, who you ran/shuffled/crawled up the last hill with... , great job, did not see you at the finish, i was continuing my sitting excersizes until the end but made it about 20min beind.. hey would you have some "best of" shots from the race? Email is rogermichel@gmail.com, hope to see you at another event soon, gotta do White River 50!

Backofpack said...

Leslie - great job for both you and Keith! I can't imagine running in that heat. Um, is it only me, or is your picture of Donald missing Donald? So glad you got to see Meghan again too. What an adventurous life you lead!

Meghan said...

Congrats to both Leslie and Keith for big jobs well done last weekend. I think I mean well done in a few ways, and one is of the BBQing kind. ;) It was 91 at my foothills house on the day of your race, I cannot imagine what it was on that mountain. You two peeps are tufftuff cookies, and I'm soooooo grateful you both came for a visit as well. Come back, anytime, but you already know that!

Hugs to you both!

Leslie said...

You can be my stalker any day D. :)
Bummer your sick, I've been taking fistfulls of vitamins this week and resting.

Hey G.R! Thanks! It looks like you had a heckuva' race at Diez Vista, a new course record?!?

Hi Heather! Thanks!
You are an Invermere girl,eh? You are a VERY lucky girl. I love your valley. I raced Sea 2 Summit there for 3 years running and got a good taste of the trails there. But it's the lakes that rock!

Hi Mike!
OMG it was sweltering. I was lucky I got in some runs in other warm places this month, it made it a little more bearable. That rolling downhill was a quad-buster and it was only a quarter of the way into the run! Good thing I am a girl of "mighty quads". Remember last year when I came back from Diablo and we got the foot of powder?? Brace yourself...

Hey Evan! Bummer for the change of running plans, but I am quite sure you had a good time doin' your thing. From what I gather, it is your type of run! That's how I like them to: tough, scenic with lots of big ups and downs.

Hi Chad, I always have fun!

Hi Donald-
Yes, we pondered walking up Yosemite Falls on Thursday as well. I think my comment to Keith was: "You'd have to be an idiot to walk that before Diablo!". I'm glad to see your that special kind of idiot:) Good to finally meet you D and thanks!

Yo Roger!
I was looking for a guy from WA when I was browsing the results and I zoned on your name. Thanks for the great company up the never-ending climb it helped me get my arse up that hill. I'll drop you a note and I should have all my shots up on Picasa soon.

Hi Michelle! Hey-hey. No pictures of Donald or the finish line! I had to put the damn camera away, what do you think I do, run around in the woods taking photos all day?

Why hello Ms. Meghan,
Thanks for a great visit, Keith is already plotting a return....!!

Nicola Gildersleeve said...

Your bike accident sounds even a bit crazier than mine. Your blog is awesome. I love your latest blog about the 50 miler, it looks soooo beautiful. I've actually never been to banff but would love to come up there sometime really soon. I was in Yosemite in september and it was one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.

Deanna Stoppler said...

Very cool race report sister!

Thanks for the encouragement re: grad school. Life is funny eh?

goSonja said...

Awesome race, what fun. I love all the green hills, beautiful.

Sooo...I'm going to be in Cali over Memorial Day weekend visiting my parents. I was toying with doing the Western States camp as well...your really going to be there..?

Rick Gaston said...

Are you looking at my legs again?! Haha, I need shorts like Paul, ones that don't creep up in the middle. I don't know how you guys do it. Really, from the cold to the heat without any heat training. Congrats on the a whopping 50 minute PR on the course, on a hotter, tougher day. I like your pictures better, they are more entertaining.

Let's do this again next year!

Adam Ray said...

Leslie! I had so much fun running with you early in the day ... before you left me far behind! :) You looked so strong and happy on your way back from Finley Road. I hope to see your beautiful smile at another race soon ... I'll be volunteering at the Miwok finish line, so probably there. Take care. Jennifer

Gretchen said...

Hey Leslie, you and Keith both did an awesome job out there! Next time hopefully we will have a chance to say more than just hello!
Is it just me, or does Bev Abbs have two bandages on here knees covering bloody wounds? Yikes! I think that's what it takes to win these things though--flying on the downhills with no fear of falling. Prudence sported identical war wounds on her knees. No wonder I suck at running down hill--I do NOT want to fall.
Let me know what your next California adventure is going to be. If you want to hit up Lake Tahoe, you guys are welcome here any time.
Oh, and you're right about Rick's legs! ;)

Paul Charteris said...

Great stuff Leslie. You have improved out of sight in the last 12 months. All that running in snow in Banff has made you one tough cookie. Looking forward to seeing you down here for Western States camp - it's a real hoot.

Cheers, Paul
P.S. I wish I had legs ricke Rick's too :-)

Leslie said...

Hi Nicola! and welcome
If you need a Banff running holiday, just let me know and you can come play. The other funny thing I remember about that bike crash is my mother waking me up 6X in the middle of the night and asking me, "What's your name?"

Hi Deanna! *sigh* I'm dreaming of Vermont. Hope all is well and grad school will always be there!

Hi Superstar Sonya who just did the R2R2R...it would be soooo cool if you were to make an appearance at camp, I would love to see you!

Rick, like I said...your legs look like my legs, except more brown!!

Hey Jennifer, it was great to meet you on the trails. Your race looks fantastic! Hope you enjoyed your day out there as much as I did.

Hiya Gretchen! thanks for the invite! Those ladies are hard core. Me, I just pretend I'm hard core, but I'm inherently lazy, pleasure motivated and hedonistic. Hee-hee.

...and Paul. Thanks! I had fun out there, and the improvement was a surprise bonus. Next up, States Camp mostly because so many people have mentioned it as a fun, social weekend. With running. Lots of running. I'll see you there.

Roger Michel said...

hey leslie, so whats your picasa link then? let me know once you posted the pictures... btw I will be doing grand canyon double crossing in 10 days, cant wait!

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