Sunday, December 21, 2008

Woohoo, It's Winter Solistice!! Happy Holidays!!

One of my favorite days of the year, is Winter Solistice. This time of year it is the neglected, overlooked, underrated, under appreciated, ugly sister of the holidays. Always overshadowed by those other special days.

For me, Winter Solistice is a monumental day! A reason to celebrate! The sweetest, crisp, cool wintery day of the year! To celebrate all that is cold and dark and long! But more importantly, a sparkle, a jewel in the dark months to remind you that from this day forward, every day is just a little bit longer.....

So Happy Holidays to you all, no matter what day you may be celebrating

Some of my highlights from a very cold winter week included a run with Keith......

A run with Darren to the top of Sulphur Mountain on a beautiful blue sky -30c day....

A very hungry deer....

....a Winter Solistice ski tour with Keith, Anna and Stew!!

...and a Christmas Party!!

Happy Holidays!!


Matt Hart said...

you my dear.. have a great life. (and a pretty awesome husband too)

Journey to a Centum said...

Happy Holidays ehh!

Thanks for sharing your wonderful adventures with us all.

A golden nugget from this year was your sunny disposition at Orcas and your cheer leading and wonderful mash potatoes at CDR.

I'm totally jealous of the fact that you live and play in what I consider to be the most beautiful place on earth. I'm thankful that you and Keith live there and are willing to share all that you do.

Winter Solstice Rocks!

Your friends Michelle & Eric

Dave - Atlanta Trails said...

I agree: winter solstice is under-appreciated. I do think, though, that the further north you live, the more you care about this day.

Leslie said...

Hiya Hart-
Hey, don't I know it. Life is great and so is my honey!! Thanks!

Eric and Michelle-
...and Happy Holidays to you, eh?
Thanks for the love and thanks for sharing!

So true! Thankfully we get tons of sunlight here in Banff, even if it is only 8.5hours a day!

CoyoteGirl said...

Gorgeous! Happy Winter Solstice to you to.

Sarah Elaine said...

Happy Holidays! Great photos as usual.

holly said...

Oh yay! Nice dress, hot stuff.

Danni said...

Ted and I celebrated the solstice too! But I don't have as good of pics to show for it!!!