Sunday, December 14, 2008

What to Do When It is -30c

**UPDATE!! This post should read "What to do when it is -42c" because that is what the temperature was this morning. UGG! That's -43.6 F. This little bear is going to go hibernate for a few days. I think that has got to be some kind of record for Banff!***
O.K - now back to the post.....What to Do When It is -30c.......
1. Grin and bear it!!

2. Run Really Fast.

3. Go for a hot tub in your back yard.

The answer is of course, "All of the Above" but I am getting ahead of my story:

On Thursday the weather was really lovely and hovering around -2c all day, with a clear sky and a full moon in the forecast. Holly was driving up for the night, so we thought we would go do something special for the full moon! We opted for the full moon snowshoe. Holly, Robin, Anna, Ben and Lindsay joined Keith and I for a couple of hours of howling at the moon. O.K, I was the only one howling, it's very therapeutic! It was so bright, we didn't need our head lamps and could also see our shadows by the moonlight!

Ladies of the Night: Robin, Holly and Leslie

The always lovely, Anna Collins

Go Speed Racer!

The next day, the forecast was for a cold front to move in to our area and the temperatures to drop to -30c. I thought it would be good to get out for one last run before the arrival of the cold! I ran out along the Spray river, where the river was starting to freeze up.

We got some fresh snow on Friday, so we thought we would would bundle up and head out for some resort turns on Saturday morning. The temperature was about -22c, so we thought that it would be O.K. Well. With a little windchill, it was rrrrreally cold and we didn't last long. Keith, froze his toes on the first descent and the rest of us lasted for 3 runs before we had to come in for a warm-up. I managed 6 runs and called it a day. Still, it was a fun day. I got to make some turns with some friends that I hadn't seen in a long time and there was NOBODY at the hill. By the time we got home, the temps had in fact dropped to -30c which is perfect hot tub weather (see photo exhibit #3....). I psyched myself up and headed out the door to the gym, for my first treadmill workout of the year! It was actually enjoyable to hammer on the treadmill and do some speed work.

By Sunday, it was official. The cold temperatures had arrived and it was -32c. We decided the one activity we could safely and enjoyably, was do a walk/run up Sulphur Mountain and take the gondola down. We just wanted to get out of the house for awhile and get some exercise. Keith and I recruited, Anna, Heather and Miles to join us for our little adventure into the cold. It turns out it was too cold for the gondola to operate safely, so we did the up and down return trip. It was a cold but beautiful day! We were all sporting the "frosty frozen face look" and had to keep checking each other for frostbite. Fun!

Slippery When Stooopid

So the answer to the question "What to do when it is -30c?" is to grin and bear it, run really fast and go for a hot tub in your back yard. The answer to the question "What to do when it is -42c?" is hibernate, relax and go for a hot tub in your back yard. Mmmm. I think I feel a nap coming on.....


saschasdad said...

I think the "go for a hot tub in your backyard" should always win that question. That other stuff just sounds really cold.

Leslie's Keith said...

Now you all see why I Love leslie so much...never a dull moment! (Even when the odds are against us)...Now...back to the hot tub..


Leslie said...

Hi Sean!
You are so right. A hot tub on a cold day is almost as good as a new marathon P.R. A big "Atta Boy!" to you for your studly sub 2:40 marathon and new P.R!

Journey to a Centum said...

Snow angels burn in really good after you've been soaking for a while in a hot tub.

Ahh memories of my days in Colorado with -30 F. I think most normal creatures go dormant at -40 where C & F degrees are the same. BTW - Thanks for sharing your cold air with us. While it would seem balmy to you great white north folks we hit -21 F this morning.

You might be a hardcore outdoors person if you need to check your partners out for frostbite occasionally while out playing in your backyard. At least you don't need to worry about mosquitoes or ticks this time of year.

Journey to a Centum said...

Correction! +21 degrees F not -21 degrees F.

My running buddy Steve and his wife just got back from Mexico where they enjoyed 88 degrees F for a week. They are huddled in their home shivering. I'll be lucky to get him out for a run if the weather does not change soon.

It was so warm a week ago that one of our Rhody's bloomed.



Backofpack said...

It is feeling dang cold here, I'll tell you that! I too remember the Colorado days of -30F when it didn't seem as cold to me as it does right now. Humidity could have something to do with, or maybe I'm just getting old. Either way, I like the warm and cozy house, and I think I'm opting for the indoor track at the Y tomorrow. Have fun hibernating!

Danni said...

Looks like fun! I need a hottub.

holly said...

Holy balls that is flipping cold!

Bob - said...

-43.6 F.

OMFG ....insane !!

Seriously my FL ass would die.


JeffO said...

You all look FRICKIN' C-C-C-COLD!

I just discovered something, though, that you NEED! It really helps when it's -32c, and especially if it's -42c! It also helps in the hot tub (if I HAD ONE!) I found some rum! (Yum!) Sailor Jerry Spiced Navy Rum (92 proof). Costs less than Bacardi but tastes much better.

It only got down to -28c in Denver. It made my eyeballs hurt. Hard to believe my brothers and I spent the night in temps that cold in the mountains once. I probably only slept an hour all night, and that's more than my brothers.
The good ol' days...

Stuart said...

I'm glad you were able to make the choices I think my brain would have just frozen!

Anonymous said...

that looks damn cold....i guess its this time of the year were i really enjoy living in a warmer hemisphere ;-)
But beautiful pictures......

Leslie said...

Hi Y'all!!

I think Holly said it best when she said "Holly Balls that's flippin' cold!!"

Eric and Michelle-
It's so true!
We all want to "hibernate" this time of year! With the decreased sunlight and the cold temps, fat and sassy season is full swing. I am in full "I don't want to, don't make me..." training season. I'll be lucky to get my sorry ass out the are lucky to have the faithfull Steve as a training partner! (and Michelle!)

Bob-yeah, your Florida ass would die!

Yo-ho-ho, a bottle of Sailor Jerry sounds warm and tasty. I do like the rum!

You SO need a tubby!

My brain was frozen because it was telling me my feet were warm and the weren't!! They were just frozen solid. Grrrrr.

Hi Anna.
I hear Europe is having a good start to the ski season this year?!? Do tell....

el moderno Prometeo said...

hey! it's getting cold up there ... Regards, Javier ;)

el moderno Prometeo said...

hey! it's getting cold up there ... Regards, Javier ;)

Leslie said...

hi Javier! Yep, it's a different world in winter time. It's just as pretty, but a bit challenging at times....