Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday Run with Keith and Chance the Dog

Just a quick post with lots of pictures for you from todays 2h 45min adventure around and about some of our favorite local trails! Keith and I enjoyed a beautiful day with our borrowed dog Chance who took a loooooong snooze when all was done. As well as our run, we enjoyed a great lazy Sunday with lots of coffee and lounging pre and post run. Aaaaah! I love Sundays!

Yesterday, I had a super run and visit with my friend Tannis, but oops and crap, the camera failed. Or I failed the camera, so no pics from that 4 hr effort....oh well!! We hit the Lake Minnewanka shoreline and the wind was raging, which just added to the experience. White caps on the water, the wind pummeling the cliffs and a sweet tail wind.

Hope you all enjoyed a great weekend and happy trails!


Jamie Anderson said...

Breathtaking, as always. Great pictures.

Bryon Powell said...

How insanely gorgeous it is where you live!?! I need to become a traveling salesman with a region covering the whole of North American west of the 100th meridian!

Matt Hart said...

what is that castle call? whoa.

Leslie's Keith said...

Oh, that 'castle'?'s our house...Les and I don't share that with most...just a quaint little get away in the rockies...Like it?



Stuart said...

Another great run, can you fan some of that cool air our way!

Leslie said...

Glad to see you are all working so hard this fine Monday morning!! The Castle is in fact, our house. Really.

Anonymous said...

Hey, wait a minute. That castle is actually MY cabin. I've been telling people for years that I'm going to my cabin for a few days (I don't like to call it a castle, sounds pretentious).


CoyoteGirl said...

Amazing! What are temps like up there now?

JeffO said...

Awwww!! I Love winter - even though I don't ski! Go figure! BRING IT ON!!
Oh, was I shouting? Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les!
I can't believe you guys still have such a gorgeous weather this time of the year!!! Enjoy it before the winter is coming around ...!!! :)

I already had my first day of skiing!!! :) (OK it was on the glacier....but still sooooooo good)

Hope all is well on the other side of the planet!

Anna says hi aswell....he is already counting till my big semester break in feb to come over with me :)

Danni said...

I've heard your house serves excellent cheese fondue. Gorgeous pictures!

Leslie said...

If I was to do a (ugg) road marathon it would be the one you just did!

Travelling salesmen are SEXY.

O.K. So it's not my house. But you should take your sweety there for a dirty weekend someday!

Any time you want to go for a dirty weekend....

It's fresh baby. I'm digging out the mitties and toques. I'll be wearing a toque for the next 5 months!!

Hey my castle is your castle! Are you that crazy neighbor that keeps me up at night??

Coyote Girrrrrrl-
It's nipple-y.

Bring it on, I'm ready!! But first, I am going to Yosemite for a last hurrah...then I'll be ready to wrap my brain around winter.

You are coming to see us in February?? How exciting!

HA! Le fondue, c'est excellente chez le Chateau! It's even better with red wine!

Off for an after work run up Tunnel Mountain....


Deanna Stoppler said...

Very cool trail girl! We got some great snow today, and it's still snowing. Hey, have you ventured to the Banff film fest this year? Looks like tons of cool stuff. The world tour is playing in VT on Feb. 6 & 7. Woohoo! Haven't missed a festival since I was 20!

Leslie said...

Hi Deanna!
I am going away for the film fest this year, I love it but it is a lot of time sitting on my ass. It's funny, I can run for 5 hours, but I get back spasms from theatre seats!! I will catch the original "Best Of" it's a looooong night where they actually present the awards to the winners and then we watch them all into the wee hours of the morning....