Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunshine Meadows

Last Friday, I snuck in a bonus day before Keith and I went up to Skoki for the weekend. On this day, Darrin and I had the good fortune of getting a lift up to Sunshine Village (my favorite winter destination) for a high alpine run in the meadows. The weather was down right hot and sunny for a September day and the larches were rapidly changing color. As you can see, the first kilometre is a bit of a highway but there was nobody there!

Sunshine Meadows is one of my favorite places in both summer and winter. We spend lots of time up there ski touring in winter and in summer it has one of the best displays of wild flowers that you will ever see. In fall, if you are lucky you can have the place to yourself and run around in the meadows to your hearts content. O.K. Maybe not competely to yourself. In fall, you frequently see the huge diggings that the resident Grizzly Bears have left behind while they are escavating for bulbs and ground squirrels. But no G-Bears. Phew.

Check it out! Isn't it gorgeous?? We ran to Citadel Pass and a little further up to Fatigue Pass where the views of Mount Assiniboine were fantastic. On the way back, it was so hot we jumped into Howard Douglas Lake for one last late season swim! Next, we climbed up Quartz Hill and enjoyed a ridge run back into the meadows to join the main trail at Laryx Lake. Fun, fun and fun!!


Anonymous said...

lovely pictures Les!
Wished i could be there right now!!!

Looks like we won't get the nice fall weather - instead we have cold, rainy nasty weather over here!!! :( Well maybe we get a decent winter at least this year!!! :)

Hope all is well
big transatlantic hugs

Leslie said...

Hi Ms Anna. Hopefully, there is more good weather for further adventures this weekend....!!

big transatlantic hugs!

Danni said...

Gorgeous pictures!