Sunday, August 10, 2008

Weekend with Iris

I had a great weekend hanging out and running with my friend Iris! Iris is always good company, she's just my speed, she's appreciative of the great scenery and she looooooves to run on trails! I always make sure that when she comes to visit, I take her to extra pretty places. This weekend, we did a couple of my favorites.

North Molar Pass is my new favorite pass in all of Banff National Park! I only just discovered it last year and there never seems to be many people considering how beautiful it is. I think it is just a little bit out of the way. The trailhead is about 100km from Banff at Mosquitoe Creek on the Icefields Parkway.

The next day, we didn't want to drive far so we went and did the Corey Pass Circuit. It is a hard one to run, it is steep and technical but it is a great power hike on the ascent and there are a few runnable portions. The fun part is the descent from Corey Pass to Edith Pass and out. Fun. Fun. Fun!

Both of these runs feature scenery so gorgeous, it's hard to get any momentum! You just have to keep stopping and looking around to enjoy, appreciate and take it all in. It surrounds you from all directions!

Saturday Run - Corey Pass Circuit

Everyone likes a loop and this one is a favorite that is close to home! You can run to the trailhead in about 40 minutes from my house in Banff. I was lazy and didn't want to deal with running through a busy tourist town in summer time, whilst wearing a pink skirt. I thought I would save my energy to chat with all of those people on trail, who always look at me like I am crazy running through the mountains in my pink skirt.

I may be silly, but I'm not crazy!

Climbing to Corey Pass - Looking back towards Sundance Pass

Corey Pass - The really amazing scenery is on the other side!

The Really Amazing Scenery on The Other Side

Big Chunk of Rock I - Mount Fifi

Big Chunk of Rock II - Mount Louis

Big Chunk of Rock III

I Love Mount Louis!!

Little Girl, Big Rock


The Best Potato Chip Ever

Friday Run - North Molar Pass to Fish Lakes

This whole area is so cool. What I love most about it is how wild it feels. Last year, I ran it by myself and I didn't see any people all day. What I did discover, was one of the most immense alpine meadows I had ever seen, complete with lots of fresh grizzly bear diggings and scat. It felt so big and wild that it was almost eery! I was glad to share this one with a friend and this time, we did see some people and no bears. We went all the way up and over the pass and descended to Fish Lakes. The return trip was even more awesome, with views in every direction!

Bear Country - Mosquitoe Creek

Babe in the Meadows Looking For Grizzly Bears to Arm Wrestle

Nearing the Pass

Snow At the Pass

Fun at the Pass!
Iris and Her Angel

See why it is my new favorite???

Descending to Fish Lakes

Upper Fish Lake

Sweeeeet Running.

Sweeeeet Place!

Hope you all had a great weekend. Now get out there and play!

Up this week for me:

-A quick roadtrip to Nipika Lodge for the Trans Rockies Bike Race

-A return visit to Yoho next weekend. I can't wait!!


Sarah Elaine said...

Woweeee! Look at those photos! The one of the chip amongst all those beeee-uuut-iful mountain shots made me laugh.

I may have to poke my head out your way some day and have you show me around...:-)

Leslie said...

Any time Sarah, any time!

Meghan said...

Another gorgeous weekend. I like Iris' snow angel and I like the best potato chip ever, especially because it made it all the way to the high country in one piece. ;)


Leslie said...

Thannks to Iris for the chips - they survived unscathed and intact nestled in the top of her pack!

Stuart said...

Breathtaking photos...I gotta get me some Diomox!

Journey to a Centum said...

I don't know how you can stand living in such beauty. I was blown away by all the scenery in the Lake Louise area. I found myself staring a one Mt. or valley then turning around and being in awe of the view behind me. I was like a bobble head doll.

You live in paradise!

Have fun on your upcoming adventures!

FLWR_GIRL said...

Oh Leslie, not only are you a fun and wacky host who always keeps me laughing (now really, who else would think of framing a potato chip with spectacular mountain scenery??) but you are sooooo the following 2 points will illustrate.

Point 1 - "She is just my speed" Truthfully, both you and I know that you can quite easily kick my butt on the trails. Instead, however, you choose to dial it down so that I am only moderately gasping and panting......meanwhile you use your seemingly unending aerobic capacity to chat up a storm AND call out to the bears with the vocal cord power of an opera singer AND eat......all without missing a step!! You are the TRAIL QUEEN in my books :-)

Point 2 - You conveniently "forgot" to mention in your blog that while I choose to return to your house for a shower followed by a snooze in your backyard, not only did you choose to do a SECOND lap of Cory Pass, you also took 30 minutes off the first lap time........I think that elevates you from TQ to TF (replace queen with freak).

Very much looking forward to sharing more trail time with you in Yoho this weekend :-)

Anonymous said...

Hie Leslie!
Great pics from corry pass...!
How was your trip to Nipika????

I miss it soooo much! LOL...i am checking everyday the results and can't wait till they get out of the bush so i can get a hold of Dre and the boys to see how things go!!

Hope all is well in Banff.
When do you leave for your TR run???

All the best from across the world!! My Dad says Hi too!!!

Leslie said...

Why hello Iris!
Just call me trail princess, princess!

Hi to the lovely Anna B of Germany!
Just for you I will post a few lame pictures I took at Nipika, but it was a beautiful day! I'm sure you are missed at Transrockies this year!


Anonymous said...

Fantastic shots of a gorgeous hike and place! Corey Pass inspired me when I hiked it as an 18-year old from Winnipeg in 1980 to run my first marathon and move to Vancouver (mountains...and ocean)the next summer. I have been running mountain trails ever since and agree that it also makes me feel like a 5-year old - my son of the same age loves me for it!