Sunday, July 13, 2008

Powderface Weekend

Running the Powderface 42 Trail Marathon is like visiting an old friend.

I love these trails and we share a little history. If you live in Calgary and you like to mountain bike, these are the trails you ride. This area of Kananaskis Country is epic singletrack at its' finest! These days, I seldom get to visit this corner of Kananaskis Country as it's just that little bit too far from Banff. This little race is a great reason to re-connect with these old familiar trails. I've run it 3 times and I love it!
The Powderface 42 course is almost all singletrack, it's tough, the trails are gorgeous and the scenery is just spectacular! In a nutshell, it's my kind of run.

This year, I decided to make a weekend of it to visit my old stomping grounds. The idea was to go find a camping spot in the area and run on Friday, race on Saturday and run on Sunday! Doesn't that sound like a great weekend?? I was stoked. It was also an opportunity to have a little Leslie time and just hang out in the woods - relaxing, reading, observing, breathing.

The Elbow River as seen from my sweeeeeeet campsight!

To be continued.....


CoyoteGirl said...

Beautiful! How long does it stay light at night up there now? The late nights must be fabulous for camping!

Leslie said...

Hi CG,
It's light out to 10-ish here, lots of time to enjoy those summer eves! Hope you are doing the same!
The difference is that it always cools off at was pretty cooool in the tent by myself. I was thinking I needed my hubby to snuggle with, or I need a new dog!!

Leslie's Keith said...

Leslie...are you trying to make me feel guilty for rippin' around B.C. on my motorcycle all weekend?? Won't work!



Leslie said...

No guilt from me honey-bun. Any that you get is self-induced!! Must be all those french frys you were eatin'....