Sunday, June 8, 2008

Weekend Report

Since the fantastic wedding last weekend, I have been sick. Just a little cold, but bad enough to prevent me from doing anything ALL week!! On Saturday morning, after reading Olga's blog
I decided to suck it up and go running. Olga had a cold last weekend and Olga, being Olga, decided that a weekend run was a far better thing to do than be sick. She sounds like a "suck it up" kind of gal. So I did. Suck it up. And run.

It was raining sideways, about 3c and an all-round nasty morning! I was going to kick that cold's ass.....but of course, it kicked mine. I met up with Steve and Mike and we drove up to the Johnson Canyon area for a little spring exploration. We parked and ran from Moose Meadows, avoiding the canyon and the people that would be there. Instead we stomped through the forest and climbed up and over to the Inkpots and ran up Johnson Creek. This area is primo Grizzly Bear habitat, but no signs of the critters.

I was hacking and spluttering and expelling a lot of GOO, but hey Olga would do it and I needed to get OUT-OUT-OUT!! The run was a wee bit more challenging than usual and all I saw of the boys were their ass ends for most of the 3+ hours. I just sucked it up and ran. The weather improved and the temps were actually great for running! I am so glad I went out - it remains to be seen if this was smart or not, but we shall see. In the mean time, I am drinking a lot of herbal tea and still sniffling....
The Run.....

Puddle Hopping Guy
The Inkpots

Fresh Tracks

Johnson Creek

Calypso Orchid

My Muddy Feet

On Sunday, I got to enjoy a drive to Cranbrook to visit my poor Pa, who is there in the hospital. It is 3 hours, but I got to drive through Kootenay again (see the last entry on Nipika with the dumb-asses) and it was quite stormy, dramatic and gorgeous!

This is Columbia Lake, yes, this lake is the SOURCE for that wee little river that runs through that wee little gorge and empties at Astoria, Oregon. Isn't it pretty?

I was got to drive through the Kootenay National Park in the evening and there was nobody on the road except me and the critters. This guy crossed the road in front of me and then scratched his back on a sign post. I couldn't help but stop!


Numa Falls, Kootenay National Park

Vista Lake, Kootenay National Park


Backofpack said...

1. Did you run in those sandals?
2. If so, what kind are they?
3. You have gaitors like Eric's!
4. I got a cold Saturday after the relay, and I too, dripped a lot of goo during the marathon.
5. I made up for it by skipping Pilates and sleeping in Monday and
6. Skipping running and sleeping in today.
7. I'm starting to feel human again!

Meghan said...

I like Michelle's list, so I'll follow suit:

1. I'm sorry your pa is in the hospital. I hope he's recovering.
2. Is it so bad to stare at runner men arses all day long? ;)
3. Good thing you pointed to the lake and the river in those photos, or I might have missed them. ;)
4. We should make bracelets that read: WWOD? (What Would Olga Do?)
5. I hope you're feeling mo' betta' soon!


Leslie said...

Why hello ladies,

1. I am feeling better.
2. Only when I need to be a tough girrrrrl, do I put on the gaiters with skulls on them.
3. Dad is in fine spirits, but it sucks to be him! (Can you say "colon re-sectioning quickly 3 times??)
4. Yep, can't complain about that cold now!
5. The sandals are "Mions" that I got from a clearance rack!
6. I am currenting pointing at the hot-tub. Guess where I'm going??

Leslie said...

7. You know how I feel about asses....

8. What would Olga do? I'll have to meet her to ask her...

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