Thursday, May 22, 2008

Blackfoot Ultra

I'm off to run the Blackfoot Ultra this weekend! I've never explored that area of Alberta before, so I am excited and looking forward to a mini weekend getaway. We are 4 from Banff and 2 from Canmore, so it will be great to reconnect with everyone and enjoy some downtown.....oh, and go for a little 50k runny-run. I'll post a Race Report and photos when I return.

Have a great weekend and send the good vibes my way!


Anonymous said...

Oh Les - Nor-Man is gone?! I can only imagine how hard that must have been. Norm and Keith were the first friends I met in Calgary! I will always remember the long road trips to the lake so that we could take the dogs and they could have as much of an adventure as us. Norm will leave a lot of great memories for us all. Thanks for teaching the Jedi way Norm. I hope you find a place with lots of tennis balls and Kongs.
Love Evan,
oi - I think I eed to go cuddle with Indy and try to break it to him easy.

Backofpack said...

Have a great run!

Leslie said...

Armando, I looooooove you! Thanks for the kind thoughts and Norman stories. He appreciated the quality time on the island and siestas under the hammock, almost as much as I did! I had "soup that has everything" in his honor.

Leslie said...

Thanks Michelle, it will be a welcome distraction!