Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Favorite Places in Summer

As much as I enjoy winter and skiing in the Rockies, I have to say: summer is the season for me. Part of the reason is that for so many months a year, the backcountry is snowbound. There are all of these incredible places BURIED under many feet of snow. So summertime, is like treasure hunting. There are 4 National Parks here, all with treasures to be found! But you only have 12 weeks to find the treasure - that is part of the appeal of summer. You have 12 weeks to get out there and find new trails (and there are lots of them) and re-aquaint yourself with the old classics, as well. It's almost overwhelming!!

Running towards Yoho Glacier

One of the many places I love is Yoho National Park. I am getting very familiar with the trails of Yoho....The Iceline Trail, Whaleback, Twin Falls, Yoho Lake, Yoho Glacier, Burgess Pass, The Emerald Triangle, Emerald Lake......I can hardly wait!!! I look forward to the thaw every year, so I can go run the trails and enjoy one of my favorite campsights.

Campground with a View

The Takakkaw Falls campground is quite unique, it's not quite a backcountry campground and not quite a frontcountry campground. You park the car and you have to walk only 1 km to reach the sights. So you can pack like you are car camping, but are surrounded by backcountry wilderness!! You can bring the comfy camping chairs and the extra thick sleeping pad (and the beer and the chocolate!)

Sun on Takakkaw Falls

The most amazing thing about this campground are the falls themselves. "Takakkaw" is derived from the Cree word for "it is wonderful!!" and every campsight enjoys a view of the falls! The falls are massive as well: the highest point is 384 m (1260 feet).

The Takakkaw Falls are huge and loud and it is way better than T.V. They thunder and growl and you can hear them rage all night, yet somehow, it's soothing. I've seen mountain goats climbing the cliffs surrounding the falls while I sip my coffee in the AM.....aaaaah! It's wonderful!! Only 2 more months....

I can be there in one hour from Banff, hop on my cruiser and schlepp all of my gear in to enjoy some mountain "luxury" camping. How sweet is that?? I can't wait for summer....


Backofpack said...

Wow. That's all I can say - just Wow!

Bryon Powell said...

Sunshine Girl,
Yoho NP is awesome. I visited in the summer of 2006 and loved it. I only wish that I'd run more trail while I was there. The only trails I ran were right around Emerald Lake Lodge where I was staying. Lovely, no doubt, but certainly not the full Yoho experience.

Takakkaw Falls are definitely worth checking out!

Deanna Stoppler said...

It reminds me of Kootenay Nat'l Park, except when we stayed there everything was thick with a black layer of ash after the fire.

Beautiful photos girl!

CoyoteGirl said...

OMG that's beautiful! Take me with you!!!

Journey to a Centum said...

Michelle and I may need to put the falls on our list of things to do this summer while we are up there.

Beer and chocolate is like Merlot and a nice steak.

Leslie said...

Michelle and Eric-
When you go to the falls, you will have to pack a picnic of merlot, chocolate and steak!!

Just remember to bring me some Fish Tale Amber as an appetizer!!

Leslie said...

Hi Goat,

Thanks for stopping by!!

Yoho is epic - it's one of the few places where you can go and get up really high and get to glacier level: you can connect up non-stop views of the glaciers for one big postcard run. Now that is special!!

On the next trip, bring your runners your camera and a surplus of time.....


Leslie said...

Hi Deanna!

This week I am fantasizing about Yoho, but I think I will continue the theme of Leslies' favorite summer places and dream out loud about Kootenay in the near future....

I never knew a burn could be so gorgeous - but the last few years have been amazing in Kootenay with waist high Fireweed growing on the burned slopes! You'll have to see it for yourself!!

Leslie said...

Hi CG -

While I am dreamy of summer, you are ACTUALLY living it! Shorts and singlets....HA!! That's why I have to come visit you next weekend to get my fix!!

Meghan said...

Aw man. This is truly gorgeous stuff. Thanks for sharing and inspiring. 12 weeks! That's just not enough time, though!