Saturday, January 17, 2009

Me, Myself and I

Me, Myself and I on Tunnel Mountain

This weekend I have been blissfully greedy. It seems to have been a whirlwind of social engagements since Christmas, with not enough Leslie time. So this weekend, I found myself alone on the home front, with perfect weather in the forecast and absolutely no plans. It was going to be all about me.

After a healthy sleep in, a big cup of coffee and some quality computer time I finally set out for my run. I decided on Tunnel Mountain and some hill repeats, just to see if I was up for it. Well, I think I was solar powered or something, with the clear blue sky and warm temperatures. I ran up Tunnel Mountain 3 times, every step of the way, without a problem. I even enjoyed it! A quick jaunt through town and past the Banff Train Station followed, with a flat and easy couple kilometres to stretch out the legs on Fenland Trail. Me. Me. Me.

Today, I enjoyed a repeat edition of sleep in and coffee, followed by a side of cheezy novel and computer. I finally, finally dragged myself off to Sunshine for a solo backcountry ski and was stomping through the snow by noon. Not even an hour in, I decided it was already lunch time and settled myself in a sunny place with a view. Me. Me. Me.

I had ambitions of a big, challenging, hardcore ski tour today. As the day unfolded, I decided that today was a day to be enjoyed at a much slower pace. The sun was actually warm, there was no wind and I communed with the mountains. I stopped on top of yet another ridge to enjoy a hot bevvie out of my thermos and take in the views in every direction. Me! Me! Me!

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Stuart said...

Jeez it's all about you you you!

Lucky you that is!

JeffO said...

You are SOOO selfish! Great job! We all need a little recharge time.
And now that you're so OLD, you have to pamper youself ;-). LOL

Leslie said...