Sunday, February 22, 2009

Got Photos?

Before I forget, Bob from Canmore is in need of some photos! Bob has been writing a book called Mountain Running in the Canadian Rockies for the past year or so and is looking for running and trail photos to use in the book.

Maybe trail running studs Hugh and Allan could help?! I know you two have a lot of images from the trails over the years. Start sifting through your massive photo collections for the good ones and maybe you could help out Bob. Anyone else out there got photos? Specifically, if you had any good shots of the following areas:

Wind Tower
Elbow Loop
Fullerton Loop
Rummel Lake
Burstall Pass
Upper Kananaskis Lake
Ha Ling
Heart Mountain (Ridgeline)
Pigeon Mountain
Mount Allan
Jura Creek
Mt Rundle
Sulphur Mountain
Healy Pass
Bourgeau Lake/Ridge
Aylmer Lookout

He will accept high quality/resolution photos of either colour or b/w. Jpeg's and Tiff files are great. Please send only good photos of the areas listed to: Shots of trails, runners, and scenery are all great!


Unknown said...

Hi Leslie!

No photos but it was good to hear from you. No, I'm not doing Diablo this year and I obviously didn't make it to the Death Race last year, though I did do the Kneeknacker in BC.

If you want to pace someone at a 100M, let me know, I usually run without pacers, unless someone volunteers because they just want to do it. Here's my history and schedule:

2008 races:

1/19- HURT 100M (33:09) (10th OA)
4/12- Diablo 50M (12:49) (4/11 AG)
5/10- Quicksilver50M (9:33)(3/10 AG)
7/04- Mt Shasta 5M (38:38) (6/27 AG)
7/12- Kneeknacker 30M(7:24)(7/27 AG)
7/26- WhiteRiver 50M(10:19)(5/25 AG)
9/13- Plain 100M (31:01) (5th OA; 50+ course record)
10/18- Dairyville 10K(46:57)(9th OA)
11/1- YMCA 6M (45:30) (1st AG)
11/15- Run the River HalfMar (1:38) (1st AG; 14/208 OA)
11/27- Run for the Hungry 10K (46:21- came down w/cold)
12/7- Cal Intl Marathon (3:39, just getting over cold, qualified for Boston)

2009 Race Schedule:

3/14 – Cool 50K
3/28 – Sonoma 50M
4/18 – Tehama Wildflowers 50K
5/16 – Reno 50M
6/19 – BigHorn 100M
8/1 - Burning River 100M
9/12 – Wasatch 100M

It sure looks like you've been having fun. Maybe we can make it up to Banff next year and you can show me around the running trails!

Leslie said...

Hiya Mark!

It looks like you had a great year last year. But this years schedule looks even more exciting!

One of my friends ran Burning River last year, if you need any words of wisdom on that one. Bighorn has always intrigued me, it's supposed to be a beautiful corner of the States. I even have a few local friends who got in to Wasatch this year. They are VERY excited! I'll let you know if I can help with pacing duties in anyway!

You'd always be welcome in my back yard for a tour. The area really is one of the most gorgeous in the world and it is criss-crossed by trails!