Friday, February 20, 2009

A Sweet Run to Skoki: a bluebird day in the Rockies

Any trip to Skoki Lodge is enjoyable, but there is nothing better than running there on a blue sky day. It is just so beautiful.

Crossing Ptarmigan Lake

Looking back at Ptarmigan Lake and Redoubt Mountain

Redoubt Mountain

Big Smiles and Ptarmigan Mountain

Keith and I started our day early and had to get moving quickly! It was a chilly -15c when we started the climb up the access road to the back side of the Lake Louise ski hill. Fortunately, the steep uphill warmed us up quickly and we very quickly found ourselves in the wide open spaces of Ptarmigan Lake. It has been 5 weeks since it last snowed and the snowmobile trail was perfect for a long run.
Keith coming UP....

....and OVER Deception Pass

We got quick visit in with our friend Katie, who operates the lodge. It is always good to see her and the family. I got this atrocious, yet funny photograph of me and the demon child doing BATTLE!

Yes, That is a Kahtoola on my head. Not just for running anymore!

Hostess, with the Mostest! Ms. Katie and Skoki Lodge (thanks for the burrito!)

Keith had such a great day! Actually, we had such a great day, but he had no problem with the 29km distance and he rocked the downhills with a big smile. He wants some Kahtoola's so that he can look like a sado-masochistic WWF wrestler and do battle as well!

Keith and Mount Temple

With the lack of snow in the backcountry, I am thinking about doing a couple of adventures out in the Skoki area if the weather cooperates. First, Skoki Mountain is bone dry! I think it might be fun to do the run to Skoki Lodge and then scramble up Skoki Mountain for a winter ascent. It would be very cool to see this view in winter. The second idea is to run to Skoki twice, for a cool 50k winter run. I think it's almost a perfect 50k! We'll see. It all depends on the weather and the window of opportunity!

Hope y'all are having a great weekend. Happy trails!

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Danni said...

Nice!!! And I think the thingies make great headwear.