Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sulphur Mountain Run

After all that talk of Bearanoia and Bigcataphobia, when I left my house on Wednesday night for my run, this greeted me at the trailhead:

HA! It's not every day that a cougar takes down a deer right in my backyard, so Parks Canada was definitely being cautious when it issued this little friendly warning! I made the climb up Sulphur Mountain on this cool spring evening and it was the perfect temperature. Sulphur is tough, tough, tough. I wonder when it will ever become easy! I also have realized that I have been not running up and down mountains, nearly enough these days because I was a heavy breathing, sweaty, hot, mess. But it was still fun! There was nobody up there and it sure was pretty....

Just a quick post to say have a great weekend, I am off to go camping for the first time this season and am excited just to be hanging out in the great outdoors! I'm planning on running of course, but I also packed my novel and my comfy chair.

The weekend has become a tradition of mine. The first weekend that the campground opens I like to go up for a few nights to kick start summer! It is also happens to be the longest day of the year on Saturday and it is friend Hollys' birthday! Lots of good reasons to go camping and running and relaxing.


Gary Robbins said...

I love Sulpher Mtn! Got a chance to climb up and bomb back down it on the mtn bike last summer while visiting down in under eight minutes and scared the crap out of myself one too many times!
Have a great camping weekend.

Leslie said...

Hello adventure boy. I tell ya, last weekends multi-sport day almost had me longing for the days of Adventure Racing....let me think about that....Nya!

garobbins said...

Yeah, I love multi sport, but running is where it's at! After BCBR it's all about the trail running!

CoyoteGirl said...


I hope you have a great camping weekend Leslie!

My parents came back from our cabin a few days ago - our closest neighbor told them that he saw a big mountain lion hanging out on our property. Whoa. I'll keep the kids close and the sidearm handy next time I'm up there.

But, as far as I'm concserned it's his/her property too. No harm, no foul.

Norma Bastidas said...

Hi leslie,

Have fun camping. Geez I really want your life. I get to go to Banff or Canmore only once a month and you get to live there!


Leslie said...

Hi Norma-
Yes, I am spoiled.
Congrats on your stellar performance! Now go get out there and run your butt up and down some mountains before those next few races!!

Hi CG-
Yikerz, put some helmets on the family and you'll be good to go!