Sunday, June 22, 2008

Weekend in Yoho

Yoho is one of my favorite places! It's dramatic. It's different. It's outrageously beautiful.

In 3 days I got rain, sun, sleet and snow. I also got turquoise lakes, glaciers and waterfalls! The scenery was out of this world, but the company was especially stellar. I got to enjoy some quality time in this beautiful place, with friends Holly and Tannis. We ran. We relaxed. We repeated! Here's a preview:


holly said...

Oh my goodness! If we ever make some type of trail running calendar of babes I think I should have dibs in Ms. June with that shot!

Meghan said...

Oh man, girls, what an awesome weekend, snow and sleet aside (ew!). Oh and all of you need to make a trail running calendar. I would put it up on my wall and let it inspire me throughout the year. You know, every time I visit this blog, I'm like, these photos are amazing, can it get any better? And then it does!

Can't wait for the rest of the story,

Doug Lawson said...

What a great blog! Great pictures, great stories; what a great person to have as a friend. Doug

Leslie said...

Whaaaat? Your butt looks GREAT in that pic!! You are soooo Ms. June.

You can be Ms. July.

Doug and Maria-
Hey! It's Doug and Maria! Long time no see! I have kidnapped your daughter and taken her to the mountains....