Sunday, January 20, 2008

3 Days of Fun

Top of Tunnel Jan.20th

"What a great way to jumpstart the weekend: powder, clear sky and good friends!"

Friday AM: Prompted by a dusting of snow the night before, Keith and I decided to head to Sunshine and make some resort powder turns! We get up early and are up at the daylodge having coffee before anyone else has arrived. Keith is heading to Sorceror Lodge for a week of skiing, so it was a last chance to make some turns with my honey before he leaves town for the week. When we arrived at the hill not only was there freshies, the visibility was clear AND my favorite ski friends Dave and Brenda were in the day lodge putting on their boots! What a great way to jumpstart the weekend: powder, clear sky and good friends. We had already made 6 runs before the rest of the world arrived at the hill.

Friday PM: A girl still needs her trail easy 1 hour stretch the legs out on the Spray River Trail.

Spray River Loop Trail Jan. 18

Saturday: "The Double Duty" X-Country Ski for 2 hours/lunch/Run Up Sulphur 3.5 hours

My friend Mike was the only taker in the "Double Duty" so I met up with him and his wife Ida for a sweet little two hour ski. It started to snow big fluffy flakes as we headed out. Mike was kind to me and went my speed. I am a complete hack on my classic skis.....but my lack of technique makes for a great workout! Charged home for a quick feed and was joined by Mike, Steve and special guest Iris for the PM run. The new snow that had fallen this week gave us a little more challenge than usual: as we climbed it got DEEP! Still made it to the summit and it made for an extra fun descent and a longer run of 3.5 hours. See Mikes photos. Iris and I had a hot tub, threw together a yummy post exercise feast and chatted until we couldn't keep our eyes open any more. Early to bed....

Sunday: Early to rise! When I looked out the window this morning it was a perfect winter day with a clear blue sky and got me over my yesterdays aches and pains and out the door to meet with Steve for my long run. What a day. Ran Vermillion Lake Road in the beautiful sun....looped back through town and then rewarded ourselves with a little sweeeet trail run behind Tunnel Mountain. I sure was glad for the company today....because I was feeling a wee bit tired! 3 hours run time......phew!

For information on the Tunnel Mountain Trail, the Spray River Loop or the Sulphur Mountain Trail see the Banff National Park trail guide.


Noella said...

Great photos and good fun, which made interesting reading. We toured the Rockies and Banff in 2002 - magnificent country!

Best wishes for future adventures in this wonderland!

Leslie said...

It really is that easy to take a good photo here: just point and shoot!