Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Full Moon Run

I have a little thing I do in the garage called.... "bicycling to nowhere" is a mid winter coping strategy! We haven't had T.V for about 7 years, so last year I was a little surprised when my husband came home with a huge flat screen television. He promptly set it up in the GARAGE and assembled our bicycles and trainers in front of it. Nice! So now, we "bicycle to nowhere" and occassionally have special guests over to join us and watch movies. Last night my friend Michelle came over, she is training for her first half Ironman and is a regular at the garage, aka. Keith's Spin Gym. She brought over four quality episodes of "My Name is Earl" and I laughed my ass off! If you are going to watch might as well be without the commercials and this funny!

After the hour and a half of cycling and saying goodbye to Michelle, I looked out my big side window in my house and the moon was FULL over the mountains and the sky was clear: it was so beautiful. You could see everything!! So I changed, put on my runners and went for a Full Moon Run. I ran to the top of Tunnel Mountain (again...) but this time it was extra special the light was so bright off the snow I didn't even need my head lamp. It was -15c and windy out. The wind in the trees scared me a few times, but I kept going up, up, up and when I got to the top I HOWLED and then I turned around for the fun descent home. Weeeeeee!


Deanna Stoppler said...

hey gal! thanks for the comment on my blog. wish i were in banff to enjoy the full moon spetacular run with you; sounds awesome! i need to meet more strong, cool women like yourself to play outside with. unfortunately, where i live there are no mountains but it's cold (ya!) and the moon shines bright and full here too. soon enough i'll live in the land of the rockies.

Leslie said...

Hi Deanna! Life is good in the Rockies, just started the blog and having fun with it. It's my Friday so....more adventures to come! Enjoy yours!