Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sweet September

September has always been my favorite month of the year.  This year we were blessed with 2 crazy beautiful, hot warm weeks.  Since then, in a period of days the temperature plummeted, we got frost and then it snowed.  It was super late in coming - but the abrupt change of season has arrived. 

I got up to a few great adventures including an awesome night camping on shoreline of Spray Lakes and a quick jaunt up to the Buller Circuit.  I'd never been up North Buller Passs and I did the "bonus loop" up a peak with no name.  I named it Glory Peak because it was in fact glorious, and I could see the entire frickin' world from up there!

I've been distracted the past few weeks, namely because I've been working hard all summer and it's time for a bigger adventure.  Keith and I are heading off for 7 weeks in our new camper leaving tomorrow!  Yiiipee!  We're not taking our bikes this trip, just our running shoes.  We're heading back to Arizona/Utah, but we're going to take the long way through Washington, Oregon and Northern California.  We'll let the weather decide when and where we go - but we're heading South.

All of these photos are taken from my awesome day on Buller, what a great way to end the summer season.

 Happy Trails!!


Mary said...

Oregon? Too bad we have so much early snow. I would suggest you come here. but our backcountry is shut. jealous of your seven weeks.

Helen said...

Just brilliant! hard to imagine that winter is so close.

Helen said...

Just brilliant! hard to imagine that winter is so close.