Sunday, September 8, 2013

Run in the Sun is Fun: the Emerald Lake Triangle

 Oh, Emerald Lake.  I love your sparkling waters, your surreal color and especially, your immediate access to stunningly beautiful places.  Heck, you even have a restaurant to reward myself with at the end of a hard, sweet day on the trails. On a summer's day, you are the bomb.  I always enjoy soaking my tired legs in your pristine water to recover from your glorious trails.  The Emerald Triangle is a classic:  from the shoreline of Emerald Lake you climb to Yoho Pass, across the Wapta Highline to Burgess Pass.  A long descent through a cedar forest takes you back to the lake to complete the loop.

 Classic Emerald Lake Shoreline

 Every year, the water changes it's course across the alluvial fan.

 I'm going there!  Mount Wapta Highline

 Heading up Yoho Pass

 Last chance to splash.  The highline is dry in August.

 Looking across at the President's Range and Emerald Basin

 High on Emerald Lake

 Pine Cones are Cool

 Nearing Mount Burgess

 Alpine Fireweed

 Burgess and the Kicking Horse Valley

 Emerald Glacier and the Vice President

 Looking back on the Highline

Happy Leslie


Kaz said...

Stunnerif! Cracking run! I like the idea of a restaurant right at the end of a big day out - cold drinks and food within minutes! Not much better in the world!

Leslie said...

....and I love that you say things like "cracking good run!" Hope all is well with you lovely.

Mary said...

Glad to see a post! Looks beautiful.

Helen said...

And the stunning views just keep on coming....... love them!

Linda said...

I understand what you bring it very meaningful and useful, thanks.

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