Saturday, February 19, 2011

What -20C below looks like....

It was -20c all day yesterday.  It was -20 when I left for my run and it was -20 when I got back 2.5 hours later.  Hello, clear and cold.  My run took me along the shoreline of the Vermillion Lakes and up Tunnel Mountain.  I was moving slow.  It was cold.  On days like today, really, does the temperature matter?  It was amazing out there.  A dusting of fresh snow, cold enough to make your cheeks sting and your lungs burn, makes Leslie a Happy Girl.  I was solar powered! 

We followed it up with an incredible sunset ski at Sunshine.  We toured up above the meadows just high enough to see a glowing pink Mount Assiniboine.  WOW.  I've had a crush on Mount Assiniboine for a long time.  Google It.  It's a stunner.  The sunset ski was just a teaser for the main event - a full moon ski tour.  We had dinner at the resort while waiting for the moon to make it's appearance and when it did, it was magic!  The moon on the snow was so bright there was moon shadow on snow - really - shadows by the light of the moon are of the coolest things ever.  Yes, EVER!  And it certainly was cold.  It was also -20 below by moonlight as well...enjoy!  You'll have to wait and anticipate the moonlight ski tour photos.  I think we got a few pictures that actually worked. 



Helen said...

Wow, Wow, Wow!!!! I so envy you, especially skiing under a glorious moon. My neighbour and I try to share a glass of red as each full moon rises but it seems the last 5 have been cloudy nights.

Leslie said...

Hi Helen! I love your idea, just as much as mine. A glass of red as the moonlight sounds might fine to me!