Monday, February 21, 2011

It's a Great Big, Crazy Beautiful World

Finally, we have some extra day light.  After surviving the dark months of November and December, things are looking brighter!  The sun is up earlier and going to bed later. Yay!  That means there's enought light to go do some fun things like run and ski.  The other night after work, I managed a quick run - and got back to the house at 6:45 with dark descending quickly.  I saw a couple of healthy coyotes and got scared by a small here of elk - I guess that's always the hazard of running at dusk or dawn. It's wildlife rush hour.  Deer O'Clock.  At least the bears are still sleeping.

On this perfect clear and cold evening, we started skiing around 5:30 and skied right into some amazing Alpenglow and fading light. The surrounding peaks were glowing in the last light of the day and it was cool to see Mount Assiniboine awash in pink Alpenglow.  What a gorgeous evening. 

Mount Assiniboine


Keith and Angela - Mount Bourgeau in the background

Looking towards the Simpson Valley and Kootenay National Park

After a decadent dinner at the Sunshine Mountain Lodge, we skinned back up the mountain for a quick moonlight tour.  Once the moon came up, the entire slope was lit up to make it an exceptionally beautiful, fun evening.  As a bonus, the skiing was frickin' fantastic.  We made 3 runs by moonlight, with perfect boot deep powder under a full bright moon.  It's a great big crazy beautiful world when you ski tour under a full moon.  I don't know if you were out howling, but I sure was.


Sara Montgomery said...

Hey Leslie, beautiful photos. The moonlit ones are incredible - love the sparkles of snow in the last one.

Gretchen said...

Ooh, awesome! I've never been skiing by moonlight, but it looks like something to put in the plan. Sounds amazing!

Ed Ayres said...

That photo at the top of the Banff Trail Trash post is the greatest running phot I have ever seen! THE best expression of the exuberance and vitality this sport affords us.

Danni said...

So cool! It's such a great feeling getting more daylight.

Leslie said...

Hi Sara! We pretty much got the perfect night. Clear, cold, but no wind makes for happy moonlight skiiers! Sparkly snow makes it even better! Hope your out there kicking winters Ass in your corner of paradise.

Hi Ms. Gretchen! I can't believe you of all people haven't been ski touring by moonlight. You live in a ski town! You telemark! You like to howl at the moon! And yes, it's amazing - maybe when you eventually come visit us we can have a Full Moon Partay.

Leslie said...

Hi Ed! Welcome and so great to meet you. I'm looking forward to reading more of your thoughts and ideas. You're definitely the kind of role model us young at heart 42 year olds need in this crazy, complacent world. Thanks!

The day this photo was taken was Day 5 of a 5 day run. The trail is the Rockwall Trail in Kootenay National Park - if you Google it, all sorts of crazy beautiful images will come up. I can tell you it's a kick-ass run for 55k - I think it's the slowest 55k out there, in a good way. It's slow because it's ridiculously tough, but it's also slow because you're taking so many photos!

Hi Danni - congratulations to you - Super Danni on running 86 frickin' miles in Alaska. I bow in your honor Danni-san!

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